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Freelance Business Plan

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Freelancing crosses industries that include writing, photography, graphic design, website development, consulting, and many others. However, many freelancers have one thing in common: They do not take the time to write a freelance business plan. Freelancers are notorious for starting their businesses without a specific plan for success, and that is a mistake. The freelance business plan is critical to success because it forces the freelancer to focus on a specific mission, goals and objectives, and an operating plan. Like any business, there is a need for marketing, sales, equipment, and a definition of the market niche. Many freelancers today work exclusively online, meaning they need to develop an online marketing plan that attracts clients to their website or blog.


Requirements to the freelance business plan

A quality freelance business plan includes the same sections a business plan for manufacturer, retailer, or service provider would include. However, the freelancer also relies on the business plan to pinpoint answers to basic questions that gives the business owner a better understanding of how to build a successful business outside the traditional formal business structure. These topics include:

  • The freelancer specialization and specific marketable talents and skills

  • The targeted clients and how the freelancer will reach them via an online or offline marketing plan

  • The technology needed to reach and serve the target market, i.e. graphic design software, online publishing software, etc.

  • The fee schedule, contractual agreements, and billing system

  • Specific business expenses that vary depending on location and the type of freelance services provided, i.e. rent, supplies, marketing and sales expenses, etc.

Many freelance businesses are one-person operations that are also home-based. They have as much need for a business plan as the corporation with a large number of employees. The fact is that both types of companies have the same goal, which is to make a profit. The freelance business plan may not be filled with industry charts, but it still needs an evaluation of the industry. A self-employed writer has expenses to cover just like the multinational corporation. Freelancers tend to underestimate the need to develop a business plan because they are small businesses. However, they still need a Mission Statement, an Operating Plan, a Marketing Plan, and a Financial Plan. In fact, crowdfunding investors demand a high quality business plan before they will donate one dime to a freelancer. Freelance entrepreneurs need a business plan no matter what industry they work in, and that is the real bottom line.

OGS Capital believes that business plans for freelancers should be as high quality as business plans for large corporations. The business plan is a roadmap for success whether the business owner is working alone or with others. Complete the online OGS contact form to start the process that gives a freelance business the laser-vision needed to succeed in a marketplace increasingly becoming more entrepreneurial.
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