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    A business plan is used for multiple purposes, including outlining the direction a company will take to achieve success over the next five to ten years and attracting investors and lenders willing to risk capital on the proposal. Like any presentation, it needs to be high quality in every way. Developing the plan is only one step in the process. Writing the plan to include the required sections like the Mission Statement, Company Description, Product and Service Description, Market (Competitive Analysis) Analysis, Management Team, Financial Projections, and Supporting Documents is another step. However, each company needs to look at its business plan with an objective eye to determine what other information is critical to business success and to creating an effective tool for raising capital. For example, would a SWOT analysis add depth to the business plan? Are the revenue projections consistent with the material presented, or are further explanations needed? Business plan editing services go far beyond looking for, spelling, typographical and grammatical errors, though an error-free document is important to creating a good reader impression. Editing services also consider:

    • Business plan cohesiveness
    • Conciseness
    • Expression of ideas and concepts
    • Business plan organization
    • If the presentation stays on target and adheres to the business mission
    • If the plan is written to meet the needs of the entrepreneur and potential investors
    • If the business plan clearly describes the consumer problem or market needs the new business or business expansion will meet
    • Whether the business plan contains enough details
    • If strategy development is logical and supports goals
    • How well goals and objectives are communicated
    • Thoroughness of market and competitive analysis
    • Presentation of financial information
    • How well the business plan can translate to a business proposal that captures customer or investor interest

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    One of the goals of business plan editing services is to produce a polished document tailored to the intended audience whether it is company management, investors and lenders, Board of Directors, grantors, and so on. It is always beneficial to have professionals outside the business review the business plan because it is easy for business owners to lose objectivity during development. In addition to editing services, experienced business plan reviewers offer other services including copywriting or long-term document editing services.

    OGS Capital ( has been providing business plan editing services for decades, and experienced consultants can help business owners hone their documents to achieve desired results. Clients are assured the confidentiality of their information is always protected through non-disclosure agreements and secure document transmissions. Service delivery is fast and efficient.
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