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Architecture Firm Business Plan

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Frequently asked questions of the architecture firm business

Executive Summary

Market analysis

Marketing Strategy

Legal considerations

Financial plan

How to order writing business plan architecture firm




One of the most important topics in the architecture firm business plan is the design philosophy of the architect. What makes the architects ideas or services unique? Is it the design styles or the high-tech software used that sets the business apart?

The branding of the firm is an important aspect of the company’s ability to attract clients. Architecture firms typically start small and grow as the client list grows, but it is crucial to define the specific types of projects that will be accepted during the first years of operation.

For example, architects can choose to specialize in the design of houses or apartment buildings, commercial projects like office buildings °green” buildings that promote environmental sustainably, and so on.

The American Institute of Architects has identified over 40 different architecture types, so any new business must be clear about its target market.

Basic services include schematic design phase services, design development phase services, construction document phase services, preparation of bid documents, and construction phase services.

The business plan for an architecture firm must make clear the company’s target market and architectural specialization.



Frequently asked questions of the architecture firm business

Frequently asked questions when writing a business plan for an architecture firm include the following;

  • Office space required and will it be a lease or purchase

  • Equipment, software and supplies needed to run the business, i.. computer with high resolution color monitor, blueprint machine, drafting suppliers, plotter, etc

  • Description of the target market, for example, e small or large corporations, contractors, developers, homeowners, government agencies, etc

  • Main competitors

  • Staffing requirements, including architects and office support personnel. Staff experience and qualifications.

  • Marketing plan for promoting the business and generating client leads, e web marketing, joint ventures with other architectural firms, attending conferences and events, contacting developers and contractors, pursuing government RFPs, etc

  • Legal structure and services



Executive Summary

The executive summary is the first part of your architectural firm business plan that potential investors will read. It needs to quickly explain what your business is going to do, how it will do it and why it will be successful.

Your executive summary must grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more. If not, then you will have lost their possible investment and backing.



Market analysis

Before starting any new business, it’s vitally important to understand your market, whether that be local or global.

Where does your business fit in to the current market place? What does your business model offer that is different? Is there a demand for your type of business?

Creating an architecture firm business plan sample pdf will give you and your potential investors the information they need to decide if your business is viable. Your business plan is a living document, so your first attempt will give you a plan to adapt and more ideas.



Marketing Strategy

Having the perfect business setup, products and services means nothing if you cannot contact your target market.

Do you intend to use traditional marketing methods, such as printed media or is your target market more likely to be online? Knowing your target market persona is important at this stage as it will drive not only your marketing, but also product and services development.

Spend time to write a business plan for an architecture firm and you will develop your target market and their personas.



Legal considerations

It is important to make sure your business plan for an architecture firm sets out the legal status of the company. There are a number of points to consider.

What legal structure will the company have? Sole trader, partnership or limited company for example.

If you are setting up the business with other people, clearly document the rights and obligations of each party.

Are there any legal requirements such as business insurance? Do you need a licence and if so, how do you acquire it?

Getting this part right from the very beginning will avoid difficulties in the future.



Financial plan

This section is important for several reasons.

First, it sets out the funds you will require to start the business, the initial outlay and expenditure.

Second, a projection of income against expenses will give your business meaningful targets.

Third, any potential investor will want to see that your business idea is viable and they will make a profit.

Your architect business plan must clearly show any investors that you have a workable financial plan. You could have the best idea in the world, but without sound financial planning you will struggle to get backing.



How to order writing business plan architecture firm

Architects ready to start then own business will first need to prepare an architecture firm business plan.

Completing the online contact form will give the business owner access to consultants who have experience in preparing the complex business plan and can provide architecture business plan examples. Our consultants can  also assist in your search for investors.

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