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Business Plan Purpose


Bussiness PlanRespond to Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quotation (RFQ), or Invitation for Bid (IFB); Sales presentation for products and/or services; Supplement a business plan
Business Plan Duration


Bussiness Plan12 days
Business Plan Team


Bussiness PlanProject manager, writer, editor, researcher, business analyst with industry-specific experience and expertise
Market Research

Market Research

Bussiness PlanDetailed analysis of client’s customer needs; Market analysis to include competitors and customers of OGS Capital client and of proposal’s targeted customer; Analysis of niche pricing and sales
Business Plan Experience


Bussiness PlanMore than 800 business proposals developed across more than 42 industries
Business Plan Availability


Bussiness Plan24/7

High Quality Business Proposal to Drive Business Growth

Business growth and sustainability depends on developing a steady flow of sales of products or services, or being awarded new projects. For many businesses that means being able to develop high quality, tailored business proposals that make an impactful impression with an existing or potential client. Getting it right the first time is of the utmost importance to getting the client’s attention.

The business proposal should not be confused with a proposal for a business plan. The business proposal is a written document that is sent to prospective clients to present a new project, or to convince a business to buy products and services. A proposal of a business plan defines business operating and financial goals, and the strategies for meeting the goals.

Responsive Business Proposals that Succeed

The business planning proposal can be unsolicited which means it is delivered to potential clients without invitation in order to generate new sales. Many are solicited documents prepared in response to a formally issued Request for Proposal (RFP), a procedure common to government agencies and large corporations. RFPs are issued by a company or agency interested in procuring goods or services, or completing a project, and states the required specifications to meet.

Whether solicited or unsolicited, the proposal business plan is a key document for attracting and landing new business, creating a pipeline of projects and sales. Achieving success with a proposal for a business plan requires developing a responsive document. It is called responsive because it offers a proposed solution to a client’s needs or offers details in response to RFP specifications.

Business Proposals Tailored to Client Needs

Development of a winning business proposal requires a crystal clear understanding of the client’s needs which in turn requires deep research and analysis to ensure the proposal meets those needs. The proposal presents an explanation of the client’s needs as you see it, a solution, the benefits of the solution, your company’s strengths and qualifications, costs, and client benefits. The document is a tailored strategic tool because it is focused on convincing a client to award new business to your company which in turn helps your company meet strategic goals.

OGS Capital Delivers Quality Services

Successful business proposals are thorough, well researched, and well written. Quality counts, which is why OGS Capital offers business proposal services. At OGS Capital, we have a team of knowledgeable business consultants who have experience writing the company business proposal across industries.. Their experience was earned in top firms around the world so understand what impresses clients when it comes to awarding new contracts. We provide a user-friendly format that mirrors the format used by global Fortune 100 companies.

Each client needing a business proposal is assigned a team of consultants with relevant experience in private or government sectors. Though a user-friendly online business proposal format is used, each professional business proposal is unique to ensure it meets its intended purpose. The format includes the title page, table of contents, executive summary, statement of a problem or need, the methodology and strategies to solve the problem or complete the job, your business qualifications, recommended schedule for project completion or product or services delivery, costs, and the benefits of choosing your company.

Win New Business with a Quality Customized Business Proposal

The formal business proposal is the bridge to business sustainability and growth. OGS Capital consultants have worked with thousands of businesses, helping them develop business proposals that secure new clients through the highest quality business proposal writing services.. Our consultants bring management experience and knowledge of best business practices, gained by working for business leaders like Deloitte, Bain, PwC, and BCG. Easily and quickly contact OGS Capital via the website by completing the short contact form.

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