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    The business case is a written argument or recommendation for making a particular decision. Typically, it is written as a product of business meetings interested in assessing and pursuing a particular opportunity, and research justifies taking action. The content is based on a high level business case analysis that projects the financial and other results of taking a particular action or making one decision over another.

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    From Summary to Success

    The business case presents:

    • The Executive Summary that gives a high-level description of the business case, including the problem the business will solve, the means of solving the problem, the expected outcomes, and the ROI

    • Brief description of how the project was initiated

    • The Problem Statement which describes the market, consumer, and/or operational issues that need addressing

    • Methods of research and sources of data used to support the analysis and results, including financial and industry data, demographic data and forecasts

    • Analysis of costs, benefits and risks

    • Explanation of implementation timeline

    • Proposed solutions presented in enough detail that the reader can understand the alternatives

    • Critical success factors for getting results

    The short business case write up presents a well-defined problem and logically works its way to a proposed action. The actions or solutions need to be credible and practical. The supporting data on which the solutions are based have to be accurate. A well designed business case is convincing and compelling.

    End Stage of Planning

    Once the decision is made, the well-crafted business case provides project or program guidance. In many ways the business case is similar to a business plan because it presents the end stage of planning that indicates the project or program is feasible. The short business case write up is a succinct document that presents the critical information for decision making in a way that is appealing to the decision maker. The decision makers include internal and external business leaders, but can also include an investor or banker if the decision sought is funding.

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