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    When the Muskoka Airport business plan was developed in 2006, it was with strategic planning in mind. The strategic component looks into the future and identifies the long-term business goal. A goal may simply be to stay in business over the long-term, or it might address specific growth or expansion plans.

    Overview of Long-Term Plans

    Whether business planning for airport development or retail store startup, it is important to consider the following elements during strategic planning:

    • Long-term business objective

    • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)

    • Bird’s eye view of the marketing program to ensure all the activities meet the long-term business objective

    • Land development or location use which includes addressing feasibility, infrastructure requirements, and planned business use

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    Never Fixed in Time

    The Muskoka Airport developed a long-term business plan, but that does not mean it is fixed in time. Every business plan needs regular review and revisions based on the market changes. For example, an airport may experience:

    • New government regulations that force the airport authority to make changes to its policies and procedures

    • Planned sources of revenue do not materialize due to regulatory changes, commercial businesses canceling land rental contracts, and so on

    • Unexpected infrastructure upgrades or improvements are needed to meet new federal, state, and/or local laws

    • New technology leads to need for upgrades in lighting, approach path indicators, rotating beacons, emergency generators, cabling, computers and so on

    • Unexpectedly rapid growth leading to need for new runways, rental hangars, repair facilities, etc.

    Always in Style

    The business plan never goes out of style, so to speak, as long as there is effective strategic planning. When the market changes, the business plan needs revision, but the mission and strategic goals will remain the rock solid foundation.

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