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    How many entrepreneurs are struggling right now as they try to create a business plan that is investor friendly? The answer is likely: Tens of thousands.

    As the Small Business Administration points out, a high quality business plan is one of the most critical elements of a successful business. Yet, people who are unfamiliar with the process of developing a business plan decide to try it on their own to avoid the cost of paying professionals, or they turn to template businesses delivering low quality documents. It is no surprise when the end product is not useful as a management guide and is not able to get the attention of investors.

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    How to create a business plan?

    The cost to create a business plan that is useful, high quality, customized, and able to:

    • Attract investors or
    • Serve as documentation for a bank loan or
    • Meet immigration business plan requirements or
    • Attract partners or
    • Get supplier or vendor commitments

    is more affordable than many believe. The cheapest plans so many businesses offer on the internet are templates, meaning they are fill-in-the-blank documents.

    Since investors expect unique and customized business plans that reflect the entrepreneur’s commitment and passion for the new business or business expansion, templates can discourage rather than encourage interest. The best advice an entrepreneur can take is to avoid template business plans and only accept customized plans.

    Strengthening the Business Plan

    The final cost of a business plan depends on the entrepreneur’s requirements. A simple customized business plan that is complete with all required sections is the most inexpensive. However, many business owners need additional services and documentation that makes the business plan stronger and provides the information the entrepreneur needs to successfully launch and operate a business. These documents include:

    Compensation plans for key employees
    • Strategic planning for business sustainability
    • In-depth business strategies
    • Financial modeling
    • Feasibility studies
    • Market research
    • Marketing plans with strategies

    Adding services will increase the cost to create a business plan. However, the ROI of this investment can be substantial when investors decide to fund the business, and the entrepreneur achieves profitability sooner because of in-depth financial and market knowledge. Before settling for a template business plan, think about the long-term costs which could include failure to launch due to lack of finances or failure to thrive due to lack of planning.

    No Templates Allowed

    When it is time to write a successful customized business plan, OGS Capital offers affordable high-quality writing services. No templates are used and client payment is not released to OGS Capital until the final business plan draft is delivered. Simply send us the online form with your contact information and an experienced professional will be in contact shortly.

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