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    There are business plans, and then there are business plans that stand up, salute investors, and earn medals of honor for thoroughness, accuracy, and effort. The “effort” quality is where there is room to add the elements that make a good impression.

    Making a Good Impression

    Angel investors, venture capitalists, equity funders, and even banks, are impressed by the business plan that truly stands out for the right reasons. Standing out the wrong way means using garish colors and inexpensive paper. Standing out the right way means giving the business plan a neatly pressed “uniform” which in this case is the cover.

    A nice cover with meaningful and professionally designed graphic is like the neatly pressed concise creases in uniform trousers. It conveys a sense of purpose and attention to details. An ordinary cover giving an impression the entrepreneur was more interested in skimping will not attract investors.

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    Business Plans that Say “Here!”

    Here are a few more simple tips to make the business plan stand out up straight and say, “Here!” to investors:

    • Use good quality, thick stock paper that makes it easy for the reader to turn pages and leaves an impression of professionalism
    • Use an easy-to-read and simple font like Times New Roman for printed documents, or Verdana or Georgia for digital documents
    • Maintain font consistency throughout the document to avoid a “busy” appearance
    • Leave some white space on each page to make the page easier to read
    • Avoid silly jargon because serious investors are not impressed
    • Explain technical terms in understandable ways
    • Write in positives rather than negatives
    • Develop organized paragraphs that flow throughout the business plan

    A disorganized business plan, or one that is difficult to read, will overshadow all the good business ideas. It will turn off investors and leave the entrepreneur wondering why such a great business idea is overlooked by so many people. It is precisely for this reason so many entrepreneurs use professional business plan writers. They know how to add the “creases” to the “trousers.”

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