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    Strategic planning is the process in which it makes decisions and plans, allocate resources and shape the organisation to achieve long term goals. It is the best approach to attain organization goals. Due to some of the issues business personalities lose their sight of business goals. In that case, strategic planning plays an important role in order to determine the direction of an organisation. It determines the correct path to reach greater heights and also to increase the productivity of an organisation. Strategic planning is important to succeed in business and marketing plan.

    A good Business plan should follow the key components such as vision, mission, objectives and values in order to attain the goals. There are lots of approaches for in it. One of the best approaches is SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunities Threat).The main aim of SWOT is to determine the internal and external factors. By determining internal and external factors we can achieve the company’s goal. Internal factors which include strength and weakness of an organization and external factors include threats and opportunities that are posted by an external environment to an organisation. It involves the organisation product and services, resources and the business plan.

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    By means of applying strategic planning in an organisation, we can easily find out the strength and weakness about an organisation. So that we can adopt some of the changes in order to enhance the organization to reach greater heights. Strategic planning is the important step that should be followed in an organisation to achieve the long term goals and objectives. It clearly points out what are the changes to be made in order to attain the goal. A good planning is the key element to attain success. In an organisation, strategic planning should be carried out once in a year. It provides a clear comprehensive and grasp of external challenges. We can able to gain knowledge and determine organization’s strength.

    Approach to strategic planning

    Strategic planning determines clear vision about the company and the company products. It determines what are all the services that the company offer and the details about the organization’s goals and objectives. Planning focuses on strength, resources and the products .In order to enhance the business products and services we should keep track of good strategic planning. Planning would enhance the value of an organisation. One of the main objectives of a strategic plan is to translate the plan into a real action plan. So that company’s profit can be increased and the value will also be increased to higher rates.

    The benefits of strategic planning are, it should clearly outline the goals and objectives of an organisation. Increase productivity and efficiency of a product. It can also solve some of the problems in an organisation due to clear outline of a plan. It produces a greater satisfaction among clients and other people. It is used to take better decision and the market recognition will be tends to higher. Strategic planning is the best method that should be followed in an organisation to enhance the company’s value.