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    The immigration business plan is an essential document that is required by immigration authorities when someone is applying for a business visa. The plan must project revenues, expenses and profits for at least five years. It must also clearly detail the operating plan and sales plan in a convincing manner. Immigration authorities have to be comfortable with the business intent, the sources of funding, and the management qualifications before they will give approval.

    Making the Case with an immigration business plan

    The immigration business plan is applicable to a variety of business visas, and in each case there is a need for an exceptional level of detail. It is sometimes challenging for a foreign investor to develop a business plan that uses the right terminology and that follows conventional rules, simply because the investor may not be thoroughly familiar with the language or the U.S. reporting methodologies.

    The following types of visas require an immigration business plan:

    • E1 Treaty Trader Visa
    E2 Treat Investor Visa
    • L1 Intra-company Transferee Visa
    • EB5 Direct Investment Visa
    • B1 Visa for Temporary Business Purposes

    The business plan has to include an in-depth industry analysis and identification of trends, a marketing plan that shows familiarity with U.S. markets, and a detailed staffing plan, in addition to the other sections normally found in a business plan like the Executive Summary. The goal is to write a business plan that supports the visa application and plays a positive role in convincing immigration authorities to approve the application.

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    The Professional Business Plan for Immigration

    Preparing the business plan for immigration should not be attempted without getting professional help from someone with experience in the visa application process and the accumulation of the required supporting documentation. There is too much at stake to take the risk of submitting a business plan that does not meet the level of detail required. The business plan forms the foundation of the visa application, and it is crucial that it be professional and accurate.

    OGS Capital has a wide range of experience in developing the specialized immigration business plan, no matter what industry is involved. Sending the completed contact form will start the process of working with expert business consultants.

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