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    Business Strategy is nothing but, set of actions and decisions that have to be taken in order to achieve the desired goals of a company. It also involves organization’s vision, mission, policies and plans. In general, strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term process. By implementing a good business plan, we can achieve a set of goals or we can adopt new technologies to achieve the organisation goals and the key functions.

    Developing a business strategy plan is important. In order achieve a targeted output. Creating a strategic plan is crucial. Business strategy plan determines the overall success of a company. For an organisation, the business strategy plan plays an important role in their business needs, success and growth of the company. Creating a good business plan makes the organizational growth to be more efficient and benefited. It is important to create a business plan because it combines the matches between business trends and the market place opportunities.

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    Why do we mean by good business plan?

    Normally, business strategy evaluates and controls the business plan in an organisation. Due to lot of problems and conflicts, the organizational growth may decrease. One important thing for loss of company profit is unclear strategy. Due to unclear strategy the business plans, policies, resources and the growth of the company may be low. And the next thing is strategy execution. Some of the organizational growth and development is low because of the wrong execution of a plan. In order to increase all these key function’s of an organisation, the business strategy plan should be made accurate. Then only we can achieve a goal. A good business plan clarifies all the changes made in the company profile and the direction of a company to achieve a long term success. In order to make a good

    Business strategic planning, you should follow some of the parameters. First, the company’s vision and mission statement should be considered. Then the goals, objectives, strength, weakness and the key functions of an organisation should be followed. After creating all these parameters a good business strategy plan can be implemented in an organisation. By means of executing all these steps, the growth of the company is at higher level.The efficient execution of business strategy is the key method to success in a business field. We can create business strategy plan by knowing the business trends and the market place opportunities .So that we can easily achieve a great success in the business field.

    A good business strategy should reflect in the long term success and the development of the company. It will provide a right way to succeed in the business as well as life. By means of developing a business plan we can gain the profitable strategy of our business. Business plan provides a lot of important factors in a company. It can create a pro-active organisation, and it can identify the changes of an organisation. Therefore, any organisation should keep track of good a business plan strategies in order to achieve greater heights.