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    Due diligence is complete analysis of the dealings of a business. The main purpose of due diligence is to find out the problems that exist in and around the business, especially those problems that could become a burden in future.

    It involves various levels of investigations

    Due diligence is a wide and big process and often requires the assistance of outside advisors or professionals.

    Due diligence is greatly involves financial due diligence and legal due diligence. It involves proper examining of financial assets, articles of incorporation, market share, technology and hardware and business competencies. It is one of the most challenging tasks to perform.

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    Due diligence can be conducted to a short extend in verifying the data that is present in the business plan or applied to a great extend to conduct a complete investigation and analytical process that takes place before investing. The purpose of conducting due diligence is to ascertain the risks, attractiveness and issues regarding a present business plan to investors.

    The important thing to follow while performing a due diligence are first be sure for what reason you are carrying out due diligence. If you are carrying out due diligence for purchasing a business which is on sales then, the following steps should be carried on to make it effective one. It is very important to review the profit and loss statement, balance sheets, annual reports and any cashflow statements. Verify all the files with the assistance of a tax officer and accountant to make sure that it matches and is precise. Get the income tax returns of past three years to evaluate the business activity statement.

    Examine the plants and equipments to ensure proper working condition it. Perform a stock validation prior to the date of settlement. It is also important to check the insurance information and facts to make sure that it covers till the date of agreement. Verify whether there are any outstanding payments for the business or whether there are any existing contracts. Find out why the particular seller is selling his company and how long he is in this organization. Investigating about this to the buyers and sellers could help you to get more information about it. This also helps to make a good financial modeling for the business.

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    Analyze the level of competence of the company, so as to get to know the problems that may occur while you take over the company. Verify the legal rights of the company. Hire a lawyer to help you in legal procedures. Do not take more than 20 days to complete you due diligence process. Get the signature of the both the parties on a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA’S). It is more important to protect your company property.

    Thus due diligence is necessary to make your business a successful one, by saving it from possible pitfalls. Due diligence helps the company to plan its future effectively. Using it in business, helps the businessmen to get to know the various issues or problems that hinder the growth of the organization and eradicate them. Conducting due diligence also helps to come out with an effective business plan and marketing plan.

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