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    Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is one the most unconventional entrepreneur one would find, he is known for his ideas as a CEO and the strategies he follows. In one of his interviews with Forbes, he mentioned how much he hates lengthy presentations, long charts and representations of several data. He always prefers it short and crisp, doesn’t bother about the style and class of presentation, as he mentioned “If I could quickly understand a campaign concept, it was good to go. If something can’t be explained off the back of an envelope, its rubbish.”

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    In the interview there were many things discussed with Mr. Branson and everything was replied in a different manner one would expect any entrepreneur to reply in. When he was asked about his book ‘Secrets they won’t teach you at Business Schools’, he expressed his views about the big word knowledge given on big projector screens may not be of much use. Just like the fact that he doesn’t prefer a board room meeting, he disdains them, he likes open spaces, where he can make an eye contact and judge the trustworthiness. He himself claims that he doesn’t have the patience for confusing presentations.

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    His meeting with Al Gore about Inconvenient Truth, the presentation about global warming, has been his best experience of a presentation. He was in his bath, soft lighting and warm water, the perfect comfortable setting that led to have a constructive decision of him pouring his profits from transportation companies to clean energy.

    According to him too many professionals forget the power of simplicity and get behind adding good vocabulary in terms of big technical words. A business idea should be able to explain itself in 10 words or less.

    He is totally against power point presentations; eye contact is the factor he looks for in a good presentation. Presentations might not be that fun as going out in the field and having a conversation about the plan, in easy simple words, just like an evening tea chat. He simply believes in one thing when it comes to work “If you’re not having fun then don’t do it”.

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