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    Each businessman at least make a business plan. Plan provides an opportunity to think over future actions. A good plan divines different surprises that pop up during the project. The plan is also important as in a process, so in the beginning of work. As soon your own shortcomings float, you can always look at the business plan and by introducing into it new options you can understand how to amend the financial efficiency of the business, the payback period, expected dividend.
    Plan is indispensable for communication with partners. For example, you can’t get any loan without business plan.
    The cornerstone of good business plan is the principle of “bad weather”. You must assess the reality of a sober, when you are planning the future. You must consider the weaknesses and not to exaggerate the expected profits.

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    And now a little more about the sections of this precious document:

    1. The idea of business project – the main factor determining the prospects of your business.
    2. Product feature. Here we are talking about what you are going to sell.
    3. Economic calculations and organizational needs (expected results and the required cash investment, as well as the other non-monetary factors of business).
    4. Step by step development plan. It is important not only to miss the essential elements of the plan, but also to think about a clear sequence of steps.
    If you are composing a business plan for the first time, you must see the samples of ready made business plans already written and may be implemented by someone else. If you don’t have special education nor the opportunity to hire someone to compile a business plan, try to use technical means. A program for preparing a business plan much cheaper than the specially trained worker. Such programs can be found on the web sites of the Business Software. In any case, it is necessary to depart from the formal approach to developing a business plan.
    The technology business planning can take several days. You can even use ready-made templates, substituting it with data about your company. But note-taking methodology literature – is only half battle. The main in this case is true and correct calculations.
    However, the most acceptable option is to apply to the consulting company. Consultants will help to take into account all the nuances and not make mistakes. But it doesn’t mean that you will only need to pay and get ready version. Your active participation in the business plan – a guarantee that eventually you will not receive a formal and abstract version.

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