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    Business plan is the specific form of business strategy on the basis of which you can realize strategic planning. It combines features of strategic plans and common long-term and medium-term plans and also of focused complex programs. This plan is usually worked out when a new enterprise forms or when its activity increases and so on.

    Business plan is the determined sequence of actions directed on the achievement of some aim. But its clear that enterprise works in changing both internal and external conditions. Because of this actions can differ from each other in different situations or in the same situation but in different conditions.

    While working out business plan it’s necessary to solve the following basic tasks:

    1.      To enunciate the main conception of the project of the goods production in tabloid form; to estimate its competitively, market capacity, charges on its realization and its effectiveness.

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    2.      To project the risk in all the stages of  its realization and try to define the ways of exit from difficult situations (like in financial projections).

    3.      To convince the investor in practicality of financial assets in suggested project.

    Naturally there are also some other tasks which can be not declared. For example, it can be the rise of society status of businessman, his image or something else.

    The unified structure of typical business plan has the following view:

    –        generalized summary: gives the idea about working project. It helps to see the main features of the project without Deeping in it. Here you can find data about the company, its owners, description of the goods (service) which is the basic object of working project, its advantages. Also here are reflected the brief characteristics of the production or the parameters of the planning production.

    –        Description of the goods (service): is the base of business project. You can provide the attractiveness of the goods and its recognizebility among its analogues with the help of  goods quality, its external view and price.

    –        Competitors and competitively of the goods are of great importance in the market. Competitively is determined on the basis of two main indexes: product’s rating which reflect the quality of this product and the index of competitively of the product which accounts not only its quality but also its price.

    –        Studying of the goods market.

    –        Marketing plan

    –        Plan of the goods production.

    –        Investing and financial planning.

    –        Schedule’s to business plan.

    Of course you can really estimate the developed business plan only in practice according to the results of the work of your enterprise.  If you achieve your aim then it is successful plan if not – not successful. More detailed picture you can get with the help of due diligence which can answer on many questions.
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