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    Today, MLM –company or network marketing company located at the absolute peak of their popularity. Many people make a decision for themselves, to buy goods only from companies that are engaged in network marketing. Most will wonder why these people do shopping while sitting at home, yet with MLM – companies. So, we can find many answers and arguments to this question, some of them are listed below.
    Let’s consider the most striking advantages of network marketing company’s products:

    1. The uniqueness of purchased goods. Because network marketing company exclusively engaged in selling goods of their own manufacture. There is developed a huge marketing plans for productions and manufacturers are making a big contribution to it, while not disclosing all of the moments of manufacture. It isn’t difficult to notice that most of network marketing companies in general have refused any advertising. The transaction takes place exclusively on contact seller and buyer
    2. The second important advantage of network marketing company’s products – it is a direct contact between seller and buyer, as mentioned above. The buyer can ask all the existing questions and then receive full and exact answers. Buyer will not interfere with any strangers and in a calm atmosphere he can make a right decision.
    3. Commodity demonstration

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    If to speak about network marketing we must say some words about marketing plan.
    One of the most important, but the less clear aspect of the network marketing facilities – compensation plan or marketing-plan. All present marketing plans can be divided into four basic types:

    1. Unilevel plan
    2. “Level – point of divorce” plan
    3. Binary plan
    4. Matrix plan

    We can’t set aside the choice of the plan from other important elements of business opportunities such as Management, Products and support of particular company.
    In addition to the mathematical analysis, particular attention should be given to a product which is a fuel of marketing plan. Regardless of the type of marketing plan it is necessary to understand by what expense, by what means, provides the payment of commissions of the company – at the expense of increasing turnover of production or by attracting new distributors?
    Appreciating these or that advantages of the company’s marketing plan should always be borne in mind that the product and not the plan itself contribute to the success of the business.

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