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Some Key Tips to be Considered in PC Repair Business Plan

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PC Repair Business Plan

Bussiness Plans - PC Repair Business

According to IBIS World, a business research firm, the electronic and computer repair services industry generates over $20 billion in annual revenues. This is a market ripe for new entrants because no single company claims a dominant market share. Small to large vendors will find plenty of opportunities to grab a percentage of the repair market to build a successful business.

Our Approach To PC Repair business plan

One of the first steps leading to starting a new enterprise is writing the PC repair business plan. Many entrepreneurs get involved in this business because they began doing computer repairs for family and friends. Starting a business is a whole other venture. Some of the points that must be addressed in the PC repair business plan include the following:

Product and Services Description – What type of parts and products are sold for various computer models? What is the hourly rate for repair services? Getting the mix of products and services right is critical to success. Services can include repairing computers when broken, doing preventive maintenance, installing software, and so on.

Distribution – Will the business be a storefront or internet-based enterprise, or both? If customers are allowed to ship their computer equipment to the business, the pricing needs to factor in insurance and shipping costs.

B2B or consumer – Who are the customers? The PC repair business can service businesses, consumers, or both. What is the target market niche? Are business and consumer house calls offered?

Marketing – This type of business can utilize a range of marketing avenues, but the business owner needs to choose the ones that will reach the market niche. They include direct mail, internet marketing, print advertising, and so on.

Skills Maintenance – One of the challenges the entrepreneur faces is maintaining skills. Technology rapidly changes, so it is easy for skills to become obsolete. What is the plan for keeping staff skills current?

Get Up and Running

These are just a few of the requirements. Others include the operations plan and staffing plan. Of course, the business plan will include financial statements that project revenues and expenses five years out. Every new business needs access to cash while building up a clientele, and many need help covering startup expenses. There are many investors interested in helping small businesses get up and running, and they depend on the business plan for information.

OGS Capital assembles a unique team of experienced business professionals to develop each customized business plan. If a PC repair business is in your future, submit the online contact form to begin the process of developing a high quality and competitively priced business plan.
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