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    Let’s continue our conversation about how to make out your business plan in the right way.
    Here are some more advice.

    10. Not everyone has the talant to writing activity.

    Preparation of business plan is the work that requires the presence of imagination. This is the document in which you suggest future but not that happened yet. It’s like financial projections or financial planning when you are looking in future. In fact business plan is one of the parts of financial planning. For most such kind of work is rather difficult.
    Do you hear that sometimes writers lose their inspiration? Problems that you meet when you lose fluenty and exactness of summary are the same that famous writers have.
    So don’t worry if you fill that something grinds to halt. This is a common thing for a creative process. Make yourself to write several words. Try to write even the scheme of what should be written and you’ll write later.

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    11. Management, management and one moretime management.

    As it happens while making out business plan it is rather difficult to show the investor that people who take part in business have all the necessary skills and experience in order to organize a successful enterprise.
    So in this section you should write about all projects that you had realized in your business carreer. It’s very important to mention all your successes and achievements. In other words you should have credibility to your business strategy. It’s should be clear from you business plan that you are able to realize this business strategy. Write in active manner: I increase incomings of the company on 100% through 2 years, I decrease expenses on 45% and so on.

    12. It’s necessary to like enthusiast.

    Business plan is the tool of the sale of you business. It should attract the attention of investors to financial possibility to get money with your company.
    So you should feel the balance between desire and reality while describing all advantages of your business strategy.

    13. Just about who will read your business plan.

    Don’t think that investor will immediately understand from your plan why is your company the best one. You should prove this to him. He even know nothing about technologies that your company use in its production and he don’t know the situation in this section of market. So you must be ready to show everything to him in order to achieve the result.

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