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    So in the previous article we give you only five advice on how to make out your first business plan. Here are some advice concerning this question.

    6. You’ll need time for make-out of business plan.

    People often undervalue the size of efforts and energy that are required in order to write business-plan or even only marketing plan, which is its part. They try to write in the night or after their work when everything is finished. In other words they begin to do it whan they have no any moral or physical forces. The best way is to make out business- or marketing plan when you are full of energy. Enter your cabinet in an hour earlier, think and write during this hour before all will begin to call you.

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    7. First drawings will cause laugh in you in future.

    No doubt that first drawings of your plan will be like unconnected, chaotic ideas which would not look like you hope they would. Don’t become disappointed or be upset. Put away your financial projection in the form of business plan aside for several days and then return to it and look at it from critic point of view. Then rewrite it again. Repeat this procedure several times until all ideas take their places and summary become fluent.

    8. Confidentiality.

    Probably you want to include the section of legal assistance and confidentiality in the beginning of your business plan. Your law officer should make out this section himself. In all cases it includes the following aspects:
    – Disclosure of the term “risk” (you are not responsible for non-achievement of the results that don’t projected in business plan).
    – Confidentiality (defense from uneligible copying or spreading of the document by third parties or the demand of that information stated in business or marketing plan won’t be disclosed by third parties without allowance of the author or authors).
    – Note that business plan can’t be used as bond-like paper.

    9. Business plan isyour child and it will be like you.

    This financial projection should reflect your individuality or individuality of the members of your group. While reading such plan the man will get acquainted with people involved in your company and understand their vision, goals and place in the company and in this business. Tell the history of youe company from the first person. Remember that business plans of the companies from different spheres of business will differ from each other.
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    To be continued …