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    It’s no matter that your first business plan can be far from ideal one. You’ll get more experience later. I hope these advice will help you in your firststeps in this sphere.

    1. Rome wasn’t projected, financed and built for a one day.

    Preparation of consistent business plan can likely take much more time then you think. If you think that it will take over one month then in fact it can require from two to three months. Moving ahead you will stop in order to think more on your strategy or to learn more about your competitors/ So you’ll need time in order to file away your strategies and to deep in studying of your competitors before you’ll be able to finish business plan. In other words your current business should be planned independently from business plan.

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    2. Small pieces are easy to digest.

    Begin your work with make-out of the scheme of business plan. Divide a large problem into several small ones and it won’t seem to you so difficult. For the first time business plan can look like a list of answers on some questions.
    Try to answer only on 3-4 questions at once. It’s much easier to prepare a small part of the plan at once then live in your office for weeks trying to do everything for a while.

    3. Even details of style and execution are of great importance.

    Don’t decrease the significance of execution of the document. Coloured diagrams, tables of data, paragraphs, head-lines, different letters – everything should be used in order to make out the document which wiil be easy in reading, understanding and explanation of business abilities.

    4. First read several other business plans.

    Those who write novels surely read a lot themselves. It’s possible to study this trade while studying the works of other authors. You should do the same thing. Study examples of business-plans in order to understand the style of writing, consequence in which different ideas are represented and sections of plan. After you’ll get acquainted with several of such plans you’ll get an insight into structure of plan and how to make out such plans. All these will be rather helpful in the beginning of work.

    5. In the beginning chose one section of business plan.

    If you never make out such plans than it can seem to be difficult to begin with anything. You’ll have only white sheets of paper and nothing else. So first of all chose the section in the plan which is the easiest and most interesting to you and begin with it. Most enjoy beginning with the history of their company or with their view on the future of the company. When you see the first words on the paper, you’ll feel the progress and then you’ll be able to work with more difficult parts of the plan with more assurance.
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    To be continued…