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    Today the main idea of marketing can be expressed as the formula: “To produce and sell only that goods which will find the sale but not try to make consumers to buy things that you have produced”. On the basis of this the enterprise first of all should think about realization of the product and only after this about its producing. Besides the interests of consumers are of high priority here.

    So the basic tasks of the enterprise in marketing sphere are:

    –        analysis and matching of the demands market requirement, making of the optimal group of qualities (features) of the goods, choosing of the market segment and financial projections of the volume of realization by the complex research of the market and by carrying out  research-and-development activities;

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    –        definition of the optimal quality level of the goods on the basis of price projections, current expenses, size of capital investments and provision of resources;

    –        development of the sale policy with taking into account the alternative variants of efficiency of the sale channels, schemes of goods movement, organization of aftersales service, efficiency of the system of sale stimulation and stimulation of the intensity of formation of the buyer’s needs.

    Business consultants marketing plan includes a great amount of questions and answers which begin with the word “how?”.  It’s necessary to find “white spots” in the actions of competitors in different directions concerning the analog goods and to build on those basis your marketing strategy which will define the direction of marketing plan and total strategy for business. Buy-side due diligence will help to reveal all advantages and disadvantages of this strategy in future.

    All these are necessary in order to know how to act in every strategic direction of marketing: price setting, sale stimulation, advertising campaign, organization of aftersales service. However in every case it’s necessary to find “antidote” to the actions of competitors and to the changes of market conditions. Such antidote should be prepared ahead in the form of different marketing methods.

    It’s recommended to include in the structure of marketing plan the following things:

    1.      general approaches to the formation of marketing plan;

    2.      aims and strategies of marketing;

    3.      price setting;

    4.      choosing of the specific segments of the market and projection of the sales;

    5.      the scheme of the goods distribution;

    6.      methods of realization and stimulation of the sale;

    7.      organization of aftersales service;

    8.      advertisement.

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