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    Before most people get to the point of writing a business plan, they have already spent considerable time evaluating the business opportunity and many of the details. The details include identifying potential customers, market needs, required capabilities, necessary human and capital resources, and broad financial dimensions. The next most important step is writing a business plan, and that is where many entrepreneurs meet their first major challenge in business startup.

    Professionally written business plans are an absolute necessity because anything less than the highest quality can jeopardize future success. The business plan serves many purposes:
    • Blueprint for converting ideas into reality and creating a pathway to profitability within the first 3-5 years
    • Identify business details that have not been identified or addressed yet, like marketing strategies, product or services pricing, direct competitors, etc.
    • Forces deliberative and structured approach to starting or expanding a business by walking management through all the items that are critical to every business, i.e. mission statement, timetable for startup and growth, industry review, promotional strategies, product or services distribution, financial plan, and so on
    • Requires a thoughtful analysis of the business concept on a micro and macro basis
    • Leads to a clearer understanding of business financing needs

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    Professionally written business plans are needed whether or not outside investors are needed

    The use of the term “professionally written” is intentional for three reasons.

    1. Most people have no experience writing business plans and do not understand the difference between a quality document and one that is under-developed or poorly written
    2. Entrepreneurs will be referencing the business plan for years and having a professionally developed plan promotes a continued professional approach to the business building process
    3. Investors and financial institutions expect all business plans submitted for their review to have quality content and a professional appearance

    Taking shortcuts during the writing of a business plan is never advisable. Business consultants with experience in business plan development can ensure all the sections are well-developed, make sense, present reasonable statistics and financial figures, and point to business sustainability.

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