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Clothing Fashions

Segment the Market

Design Printing Options

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Considering the Financial Aspects

One of the easiest clothing sales businesses to start is a t-shirt operation. This type of fashion clothing company has low barriers to entry into the industry, anyone can initiate social media marketing sales programs, and materials and services are easy to find. Even with all these advantages, writing a high quality, customized t shirt business plan is critical to success. The company strategy walks the owner through each business element, including the type of clothing products and services offered, the ideal marketing sales ideas to employ, and financial projections.

Industry with Plenty of Room for Progress

The simple t-shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that first appeared in 1920 and has now become a staple in most wardrobes around the world. The immense variety of fashions, colors, and graphic designs available today would make it seem like there is little room for a new clothing industry. However, despite already being over a billion dollar market, there is still plenty of opportunity for clothing business progress in the shirt industry because of the thousands of existing and yet-to-appear market niches that entrepreneurs can serve.

With so much opportunity, it might be tempting to attempt a clothing industry startup without a good operating strategy. That would be a mistake. Before jumping into startup, the entrepreneur needs to methodically consider the fashions of t-shirts available today, the type of materials used for t-shirts, the target market, and the additional services the industry will offer.

With this information the entrepreneur can make specific decisions as to what the new clothes industry will offer customers. The next step is filling out the details of marketing sales and operational ideas for meeting goals in the business strategy for a t-shirt fashion industry, making it possible to create insightful and accurate pro-forma financial statements.

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 Clothing Fashions

screen print and print on demand on t-shirt business plan

People see dozens of t-shirts every day, because the iconic shirt has changed over the decades, and now accommodates most outfits and occasions. The t-shirt fashion is everywhere – on playgrounds, at fashion shows, paired with jeans or an elegant skirt, on infants in cribs and on children at school, worn with slacks or over bathing suits, and an infinity variety of other occasions for wear. Once just casual wear, they are now also decorated with sequins and beads or trimmed with lace to add elegance to the simple item of clothing.

First, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to recognize the various t-shirt fashions, and then choose the fashions the enterprise will sell through the industry. They are described by the type of sleeves and/or the type of neckline. The types of sleeves include:

  • Sleeveless
  • Short sleeve
  • Three-quarter sleeve, including dolman sleeve
  • Long sleeve
  • Cap sleeve
  • Yoked sleeve
  • Raglan sleeve

The types of necklines include:

  • Crew neck or round neck
  • Scoop neck and deep scoop neck
  • V-neck and deep-v neck
  • Square neck
  • Tank top (sleeveless with one of the necklines)

Fashionable t-shirts also have halter necklines, sweetheart necklines, keyhole necklines, and surplice necklines. The t shirt company  business plan will describes the type of tees that will be sold as products and why they were chosen. For sample, do particular fashions tshirt design appeal to women or men, or are they unisex?


Most t-shirts are made out of cotton, polyester, or a cotton-polyester blend. The type of material determines the garment’s weight, appearance, and durability. Special types of materials include knit fabrics and organic cotton. The quality of the construction of the t-shirts is also determined by factors like:

  • Neckband construction
  • Seam construction
  • Type of thread
  • Finishing details

The ideal shirt clothing material and construction depends on a number of factors. What price does the fashion industry want to charge? The more expensive the clothing material, the higher the price the industry must charge. Do the shirts sold by the industry serve a particular purpose, like for sportswear (think: knit jersey) or as fashion tees, or are they just for general wear? Will the shirts be printed with designs? If so, what type of clothing material will work best with the type of design printing the industry will do?

Segment the Market

The t shirt clothing line business plan will include a section on the characteristics of the target market. The market analysis in the t shirt line business plan includes a marketing section which gives an overview of the shirt clothing industry and identifies the niche clothing market. The industry owners who spend time ensuring they specifically identify their clothing fashion market niche are much more likely to progress a sustainable industry and heighten sales.

The competition is intense because it is so easy for people to start a t-shirt business online. Those selling to the larger and broader clothing fashion market tend to be big box stores or online companies that have plenty of capital to invest. The people who succeed fairly quickly as a startup fashion clothing industry or small clothes industry will target a specific clothes market segment and niche so they can focus their products and services specifically to meet the needs of its customers.

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Identify the Market Niche

The two basic ways to segment the market are based on the age of the customers or based on the needs of the customers. Following are the type of questions the clothing industry owner must answer concerning the industry:

  • Will the industry sell t-shirts for infants and toddlers, youth, teens, and/or adults?
  • Will the industry product line include more than one fashion of t-shirt? If so, how does each fashion appeal to the different customer groups?
  • Will the shirts target a niche within an age group, i.e. famous rock bands for teens or high-end designer tees for toddlers?
  • How does the fashion and quality of the t-shirts meet the needs of the targeted market? Is there a market gap that needs filling? For sample, the aging population of Baby Boomers may create a unique need for certain types of t-shirts.


It is important to do clothing industry and market research to make good decisions about the clothes product line, ideal marketing sales ideas to reach the niche market, and additional services offered. Success in clothing industry depends on building a strong industry brand that outshines the competition, and that depends on who carefully the niche market is defined.

Design Printing Options

screen print and print on demand on t-shirt business plan
Not all fashionable t-shirt businesses are alike. One clothing industry sales may comprise of plain t-shirts with no graphics to working adults. Other clothing industry sales may be shirts with unique graphics that connect with the niche market. There is an infinite variety of graphic design options, ranging from one word to complex design.

To become a strong brand and competitor in the t-shirt industry, many clothing businesses offer a variety of services that enable customers to customize their fashion t-shirts by ordering specific designs. A sales corporation might offer a catalogue of clothes designs that can be printed on the shirts and/or offer the ability to upload or create unique designs for t-shirt printing.

The decisions made about printing designs is important because it will determine the type of printing equipment the clothing firm needs or the type of printing services that will have to be supplied to the firm by one or more vendors. There are three methods for printing on t-shirts:

Screen printing – This method of printing designs has been around a long time. It allows for multiple colors, within limits, and the completed end results are durable. The fashionable clothes company has to have the right kind of equipment, of course, and the right skills capable of creating designs and operating in-house equipment. Either way, this is one of the more expensive options for a new clothes sales company. Even when printing is ordered from a vendor, because most screen printers have a minimum order requirement.

Direct-to-Garment – In this type of printing, the ink is sprayed directly onto the t-shirt. It is similar to printing a multi-color picture, meaning it can easily accommodate computerized designs sent to a specialized ink printer. Naturally, company clothes production is limited by the amount of time it takes to setup the design and print each shirt.

Heat Transfer – This is a printing process that is reminiscent of the days when a print was placed on clothes and ironed. The heat transfers the print colors to the shirt, creating a picture. A more modern version is plastisol transfers which create much more durable graphics when completed.

Plastisol transfers are actually screen printed designs that are printed on special heat transfer paper. The paper is then placed on the t-shirt and a heat press transfers the graphics to the clothes. One of the advantages of this process for a tee company is that the business owner can order as many pre-printed designs on heat transfer paper as needed from a vendor and quickly print shirts precisely completed on a per-order basis.

Start-up t-shirt businesses can buy all the equipment needed to create and print shirts. The clothes company will have to make a significant investment in computer hardware and software, and in shirt printing equipment. Another option is to order pre-printed tees from a vendor that will dropship the orders to the company’s customers or will enable the clothes business owner to buy printed t-shirts without a minimum order size.

Write the Online tshirt store Business Plan

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Once a company knows what it will sell, how it will produce products, and how it will fill orders, the next step is deciding how to sell. Will this be a traditional brick-and-mortar business, an online t-shirt business, or both? Will the entrepreneur rent a kiosk at the local mall and sell directly to the public or sell wholesale to retailers? In other words, there are a number of options for selling.

Today, many entrepreneurs make strategy to progress their fashion clothes companies strictly online. They either set up their own web-based clothes business for marketing and selling t-shirts, or they set-up an internet-based business through a large company like eBay or CafePress where entrepreneurs can create a “store.” These vendors can show entrepreneurs how to set up the company operation online, accept orders, and collect payments online. There are now many businesses offering this kind of service.

It is time to write the online tshirt business plan once the industry and market research is completed, and the business owner knows exactly what he or she will sell. For help, the owner can browse various samples and templates. The sample and templates are easily available online. Reading a sample document gives the reader an idea of the completed document. How the write-up will look when completed. But, when using a template, one should not copy but use it for understanding. Such templates are used by everyone. So, to keep the originality its best not to copy the exact template file. In fact investors can easily catch when a document is completed using an online template draft. Such common template writings do not impress the investing agents.

  • During the progress of the custom t shirt business plan, the owner of the startup will discuss topics like:
  • Whether the fashionable designs will be created by the entrepreneur or whether the firm will buy pre-made designs
  • The mission of the firm, such as offering parents high quality and durable t-shirts for youth that have inspiring designs
  • The experience and qualifications of management, even if it is a one-person operation running the firm
  • The corporation sales marketing ideas employed based on the marketing analysis, which can make efficient use of social media, charity events, fairs and convention hall shows, etc.
  • The firm sales ideas, including a description of the sales channels (website orders, phone sales, direct selling)
  • The corporation sales forecast
  • Analysis of the competition and how the new brand will differentiate itself from all the other t-shirt concerns
  • The corporation operational structure, including staffing, customer services processes, and production processes, inventory requirements, etc.
  • The corporation financial plans for operational sustainability, reflected in five-year pro-forma profit and loss statements, and balance sheet and cash flow projections
  • Supporting information like vendor agreements, samples of designs, and/or charts and graphs
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Considering the Financial Aspects

screen print and print on demand on t-shirt business plan

One big question that is addressed in the tee shirt company  business plan is whether funders are required for startup and to cover cash needs until the business is profitable. If so, the business strategy is directed to the investors and precisely justifies the request. The corporation’s financial strategy will include a wealth of information, proving the entrepreneur has been realistic.

  • Financial assumptions
  • Break-even analysis
  • Projected revenues and the sources of revenues
  • Projected expenses, including fixed and variable costs
  • Monthly and yearly profit or loss totals
  • Yearly gross margin
  • Business ratios like inventory turnover, accounts payable turnover and debt ratio

Pay careful attention to expense projections for the corporation. It is tempting to show a business profit too early by forgetting to include items like loan payments or yearly insurance amounts or future equipment or software purchases to accommodate progress. Unless the entrepreneur has financial experience, it is wise to get outside assistance with progress of the pro-forma statements for the company. This is especially true if the business needs investors.

Avoiding Mistakes

Every startup needs a business plan. It cannot be said enough. It is tempting to avoid this process when someone starts a home-based business with only one employee – the owner. However, a solid business strategy is worth its weight in gold because it takes the business owner through each step of the business planning process. The reality is that it is easy to take false steps without a plan, including:

  • Beginning the business before fully prepared to accept, fill, and ship orders
  • Skipping steps, like not doing market research or not doing a profit or loss projection for the company
  • Beginning the business without a good supply of t-shirt design options
  • Not progressing a professional brand with a logo, business theme, and mission
  • Not being prepared for unexpected corporation sales progress, creating unhappy customers who give their business to competitors
  • Not ensuring access to quality design work or appropriate skills (entrepreneur may need to refresh computer skills or hire an employee)
  • Having a poorly progressed corporation website that is difficult to maneuver, boring, or full of glitches
  • Not considering the risks and challenges the business must manage in order to succeed

Marketing with Social Media

Marketing the firm with social media can be highly successful, as long as there is a solid marketing strategy.



Excellent! I would recommend this company to anyone.

∙ philip

Simply posting comments online or sending Tweets is not enough. Successful entrepreneurs progress a positive brand reputation by doing things like sharing knowledge with the marketplace (i.e. difference between a high quality and low quality t-shirt), and Beginning and continuing an online conversation that attracts the market niche customers and progress relationships. The goal of social media marketing is to become useful and needed to customers who would like to purchase the specific fashion of tees offers, if the corporation can just get their attention.

The Small Business Administration believes that a business plan is one of the most important documents an entrepreneur will progress and maintain because it provides a roadmap for ongoing company success. If building a business strategy for a t-shirt startup seems like an overwhelming task, it is important to get professional consulting help. The ideal business strategy is customized, specifically discusses the new concern and avoids generic information. The only templates that are useful are the ones that provide guidance on the specific sections to include in a formal business plan.

Starting a T-shirt printing business

Screen-printing is a specific garment sales business channel out of the broad range of business ideas that has been extensively rewarding. As discussed above, screen-printing offers customers the customization option which makes it quite appealing to the masses. Of course, clothes are not the only product where the screen printing design method is applicable. It is used in designing backpacks & posters as well. It depends on the sales of the firm and the owner can always come up with creative fresh ideas to boost the sales margin.

  • As far as the business of the screen-printing designing products is concerned, they are in demand and have good sales for various reasons. For instance:
  • Firms may increase sales through various offices and educational institutions, who require tailor-made tshirts, or fashionable bags where the name of the company or school is imprinted
  • Social event organizers and various charity groups utilize the screen printed personalized banners or clothes to spread awareness about something very important. For sample: global warming
  • Companies require tailor-made design tshirts or other items to promote their brand. We can see sportsmen wearing uniforms having the logo of the companies.
  • Retail shop owners make clothing business out of the custom printed fashionable clothes by reselling them.

T-shirt Screen-printing Business Start-up Crucial Things

Are you are willing to opt for a screen-printing t shirt start up business? If you do then, we have prepared a list of 8 key steps that can prove very helpful in this designed clothing endeavor. As you plan t shirt business, the beginning stages are so nerve-wrecking that often clothes sales owners tend to forget and miss out on some vital aspects. This initiative at our end is to save you from any such mishap in terms of your fashion clothing sales that can cost you in future.

Here are the 8 chief “things to do” when beginning t shirt printing business:

Get The Official Business License

screen print and print on demand on t-shirt business plan

Every fashionably designed clothing business owner needs to have a business license in order to function in a particular area lawfully.

To attain your license first you ought to structure your category of fashionably designed clothing business on the basis of a variety of factors. Whether you are beginning this clothing venture on partnership, or if it is limited liability corporation? Do you have its sole proprietorship, and so on!

Once, that part is completed, file your fashionably designed clothing business license with the office of the state’s secretary.

You need to visit the local office to submit your clothes business license application.

Next, you need to acquire an Employer Identification No. irrespective of having employed staff members or not. To apply for this number, visit the Internal Revenue Service site online and log in.

Permit for Reselling Printed fashion tshirts

The Revenue Dept. of the sate provides the reseller permit. You need to apply and acquire permission to purchase clothes and other products from suppliers at wholesale rate and resell them to customers. If you have the permit, you don’t have to pay sales tax. You return your state government, the tax charged on your resold items.

Special Licenses

The screen-printing fashionable tshirt business requires using certain machines, equipments, tools, and chemical solutions. You ought to contact the local area personals who provide fashion clothing business licenses. Speak to them and enquire beforehand whether there are any particular permits that you have to avail in order to the varied machinery and chemicals in your fashion tshirt industry.

Allot Products Storage spaces In progress

If you are starting your sales business at home, then before fully functioning, you need to first specify a room, only for storage purpose. The room should be large enough to hold all the clothes, supply cartons and the machines.

If you are not starting a home business, then get a warehouse. You can purchase the warehouse, rent it or avail it on lease. Ensure that the warehouse has a little extra room for you to set up your office. This is necessary to welcome and do sales business meetings with clients.

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Screen-printing paraphernalia

There are a variety of tools and essential items you will require for your fashion clothing sales business. You can either purchase or get them of lease. You will need-

  • A PC/laptop that has a program for graphic designing to make fashionable digital design
  • Heat Press
  • Conveyor Dryer & a rack for drying
  • Washout sink
  • Exposure unit
  • Squeegees
  • Screens
  • Inks

Buy Chemical Supplies In Progress

In order to make sure that your fashion clothing sales business doesn’t face any shortage of chemicals while the screen-printing work in going on you must get all your chemical supplies stacked beforehand. You will need-

  • Emulsion
  • Spot Cleaner
  • Haze
  • Solvents
  • Yellowing Remover

Since, you will be constantly requiring these chemical supplies; it is a smart tactic to strike good relations with some wholesale chemical suppliers who can provider. You may get some additional discounts for being a constant buyer and thus cut down on your business expenses.

Trading Credits

When you are starting a sales business, you may possibly not have a lot of money due to the start-up expenses. In such situations paying up the wholesalers at the onset can seem difficult. To tackle such situations, you can establish merchant accounts with the suppliers who provide you with clothes, tshirts & other items. Doing so, allows you to take cloths and other products on credit and after selling the customers, you can utilize the acquired amount to pay back your suppliers. Remember to check the offered prices of multiple wholesale suppliers before zeroing down on one to get the best deal.

Promote fashionably

To promote your business and market it well you must be very appealing to the customers. You can achieve that by showcasing your fashionable trend-setting vision. This would give a sneak-peek to the wide array of fashionable screen-printing tshirts which customers can expect to purchase & order. Incorporate vibrant shades and work samples on the leaflets you distribute for marketing your business. Get in touch with schools and colleges and progress good business relationships as you can expect bulk order from educational institutions. Set up meetings and visit industries in your city to give them your business card for future prospects.

How to Screen-Print a tshirt: Basic Idea

When starting a tshirt screen-printing sales business venture, as an owner you ought to have an overall knowledge. Having the current screen printing knowledge and skill can aid you to make fashionable tshirts which even after multiple washes won’t wear out or discolor and thereby last long to customer satisfaction.

Listed below is a 6 step by step process to help you learn tshirt screen-printing-

Step 1: You ought to be properly trained to use the screen-printing apparatus. You can train yourself in 3 ways:

Browse for some good online video tutorials. Follow them closely and learn every aspect of using the machine

When you purchase the screen-printing kit, the package comes with a manual. Every little detail about the machine is stated with pictures in the manual. A thorough read will help you understand and grasp everything

Before starting your business, enroll yourself in a screen-printing outlet for a brief span of time to practically learn the workings of the machine.

Step 2: Be very specific and select a suitable screen for printing a particular design. Keep in mind several aspects, color co-ordination, mesh size and so on.

Step 3: Emulsion is a type of coating which acts in light. Assort a space lit with red lights and after screen cleaning is completed, apply the emulsion coating.

Step 4: Once taping the artfilm to attach it on the screen is completed, it must be placed in light exposure unit. Later on, must be wetted in the washout spot. This when completed, the screen must again be placed in light exposure unit so that the emulsion solidifies entirely.

Step 5: To color the screen with ink, you need squeegees. Utilize the heat press, to create trial print and then put the design on the tshirt. Mastering the art of accurately applying prints using screen-printing presses takes time. You cannot rush into it. Learn the craft, know how it works, familiarize yourself which the tools, practice again and again. Do not be disheartened with the failed results at the start. With several trial and errors, you will ultimately be great at it.

Step 6: This is the final and important stage in the tshirt screen-printing process. In this step, you ensure that the design is imprinted permanently by passing the tshirt via a drying belt. It is crucial to get this step completed correctly or else the print will not last long.

Now, that you know the basics, some professional training and trail practice sessions will polish your skills to perfection. Thus, the results will be unique, high fashion and durable resulting in high sales margin.

5 Errors of starting tee shirt printing business at home: How to keep them in check

Trying to do everything

A major problem of screen-printing home business is that, majority of the owners believe that when they will be printing all sorts of clothes, tshirts, bed sheets, curtains, also printing bags, pasters etc. their business will flourish rapidly. These are completely wrong and misleading ideas. When starting a sales business, you should only focus on a specific customer and target that sales market accordingly. When your focus in specified, you will be able to craft best quality products and progress a successful t shirt marketing plan that will boost sales. Otherwise, your marketing sales ideas as well as customer reach will go haywire.

Purchasing Screen-printing kit with zero understanding

Yes, this is a major set-back which the business owners realize only after it’s too late. Mostly, starting a home screen-printing tshirt sales business doesn’t suggest that you invest on purchasing the most expensive & premium quality machinery and start off printing tshirts, garnering profits though the sales. Totally false idea! Nothing can happen so quickly. As discussed earlier, along with understanding the tools, machinery and equipments, proper skill, training and time is required to print fashionable tshirts which customers would find attractive enough to buy them. Otherwise, you sales margin will fall flat.

Lack of storage space

This is a major issue that occurs when starting a business at home. The excitement of starting a new business venture and earn lots of profits blurs the entrepreneur’s ideas. Often, they mis-judge the amount of space that is required for storing all the screen-printing equipments, supplies, tools and paraphernalia. One cannot dump them anywhere. There has to be a proper space planned out in the home or outside beforehand. Furthermore, the entire printing procedure requires a particular space which has the correct lighting and has all the tools appropriately placed, along with electric wiring, ventilation and dumping facilities. Many key factors like zonal laws & regulations, environmental hazards, and such other have to be sorted out before jumping in to starting the business and making sales strategies.

Forgetting to Progress a market presence

In is extremely essential to make your presence known in the local market arena. Only when you progress relationships with various community groups, & other businesses, all the folks will get to know about your business product. There are various methods you can try out to establish your market presence.

  • Print some sample tshirts for a popular music group who is going to have a concert in your locality
  • Go ahead and provide sample tshirts at affordable price to social service groups and NGOs, who take out rallies to raise funds and spread awareness.
  • You can attract masses through an online tshirt designing contest and post various creative inspirations of your business products on your website.
  • The more you can get creative and original in your approach to reach out the masses, the more you are progressing your market for prospective customers.

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Ignoring the importance of T-shirt tags

Do you know that the tags attached in the saleable clothes are a self-promotional tactic? No business owner can ignore its importance. Just imagine, if the clothes you buy didn’t come with a tag then how would you know their brand name, and buy more of that brand. Many avoid doing it to save the money that goes into making those tags. Do not make such a mistake. Calculating the cost of standard advertisement tactics, cloth tags are in fact low business investment.

These mistakes are frequently committed by entrepreneurs starting screen printing business at home. Be alert and do all your homework beforehand. Remember, first you need to prepare yourself with all the pre-requisites and only when you have completed them, you must set out to start your business.

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