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Picture Perfect Photography Company

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There are pictures, images, snapshots, likenesses, photos, and prints. Whatever the products are called, the photography business offers unlimited potential if the entrepreneur understands the importance of mastering both the art of photography and starting and managing a business. The entrepreneur who is expert with the camera and other equipment must realize that the creative eye has to also keep an eye on the many facets of running a business. The entrepreneurial photographer is also a customer service representative, marketing manager, financial manager, salesperson, accounts receivable clerk, and more.

During business planning, the new business owner has to think of details like the terms of customer contracts, hours of operation, equipment needs, and so on. Though most photographers would rather concentrate on the creative aspects of the business, there are numerous business details that must be addressed.

The process of developing the business plan is an excellent time to carefully think through the factors that will most influence business success.

• What market niche will the business occupy, i.e. family portraits, commercial photography, business events, animal pictures, weddings, glamour shots, digital photography, etc.?
• Contract sales can be generated in a variety of ways. For example, wedding packages are often sold for a contracted price. However, the photographer may work under contract for a business, a travel agency, or even another photographer. Another option is to operate a freelance photography business and sell photos after the fact.
• How were prices set and what types of products will be offered for sale?
• What is the photographer’s particular expertise that will make the products and services unique compared to the competition’s products and services?
• What is the marketing plan for reaching the niche market? Will there be a website, television and print advertisements, customer referral system, promotions, social media networking, and so on?
• Sophisticated photography equipment can be expensive. Even the small, sole proprietor business needs multiple cameras, special lighting, computer, photo editing software, props for picture taking, and a vehicle for safely carrying equipment if doing on-location photography sessions.
• Will the business be home-based or will there be a photography studio? There is a significant difference in startup expenses for each type of business.

There are investors who are interested in helping photographers get started in business. To attract investors or qualify for a traditional loan, the entrepreneur would be wise to include information in the business plan that discusses his or her business acumen and experience so the potential investors know the photographer is prepared to run a business.

Many photographers are experts in their profession but are not sure how to develop a business plan for a photography company. OGS Capital professionals have extensive experience in preparing business plans across industries and can help photographers reach their business startup goals. Completing the online contact form will get the process started.

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