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Pet Hotel Business Plan

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Once called kennels, animal care facilities are now called pet hotels, pet retreats, and pet spas. However, using words like ‘hotel’, ‘spa,’ or ‘retreat’ implies a business offering pet owners much more than simple boarding services. Differentiating the business through service offerings is critical to success. People are not going to pay higher prices unless they are getting something quite special in the way of services beyond room and board for their pets. The comprehensive business plan needs to present a description of a state-of-the-art facility that gives animals the extra attention their pet owners want them to receive. Investors are sure to be more intrigued by a pet hotel business plan that describes concepts in animal care like the following:

• Climate controlled facilities that ensure pets do not have to adjust to conditions radically different than home environments
• Luxurious bedding with all the comforts of home
• Bath and groom services
• Extra play time to ensure animals are regularly exercised and entertained
• Special services for unusual pets like iguanas or snakes
• Separate areas based on types of pets, i.e. cats and dogs are separated
• Veterinarian always on call
• Webcam services so pet owners can monitor pets while at pet hotel
• Expert staff with proven experience in animal care

Content of the pet hotel business plan

The two main issues with obtaining funding for a pet hotel are the services offered that differentiate the business and the competition. The business plan will have to present a detailed market analysis. There is a niche market of pet owners willing to pay extra for specialized kennel services. The Competition Analysis and Marketing Strategies sections of the pet hotel business plan must convince readers that the pet hotel will be successful based on in-depth niche market research. The entrepreneur also needs to carefully explain how the location was chosen. Obviously an upscale pet hotel should be located near the customer base for convenience and accessibility reasons. Market research will also support prices established for services. The business owner can price individual services, set daily kennel rates, and develop various care packages that include a particular set of services.

Of great importance to pet owners are the management’s qualifications. People are only willing to leave their cherished pets with kennels when they have assurances the owners and staff are qualified to care for (and yes…love) their animals. The management and staff section of the pet hotel business plan is where expertise in animal care is described.

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