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    Whether developing the ops and management bus plan sections for an existing company or developing a plan for the startup of an integrated operations and management consulting company, entrepreneurs and managers need to address the operational and management aspects of the business. All too often, entrepreneurs focus on describing management expertise and marketing strategies but fail to address the operations plan. Yet, the two sections work in tandem because a business will only succeed if management is able to expertly manage the nuts and bolts of operations.

    Each of the sections provide valuable information that will influence investors also. The thoroughness of the operations and management sections reflects the depth of entrepreneurial planning. Following are some key points to address in each area.

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    This section of business planning focuses on the nitty-gritty aspects of the business. Unlike the vision and mission statements, this description moves beyond conceptual aspects and addresses exactly how management intends on getting product and services from sourcing to final delivery. The type of business will influence the exact content, but generally this discussion area will address:

    • Operational principles and strategies
    • Securing equipment and facilities
    • Materials and/or services sourcing process
    • Suppliers
    • Inventory policies
    • Operational efficiencies
    • Delivery systems for goods and/or services


    Every business needs a capable management team able to keep the business on the path to success. The management plan section describes the team that will propel the business forward over time. It includes information on:
    • Legal ownership structure
    • Key internal management members and responsibilities
    • Management credentials and expertise
    • Access to external consultants or expertise needed to fill capability gaps
    • Professional services
    • Human Resources plan

    Our requirements to ops and management business plan.

    Every business needs to consider operations and management needs and plans, even if the business is a consulting company that will advise other businesses as a professional service. Consulting companies need to think through how the business will operate on a day-to-day basis and how management will ensure the operational strategies remain effective. Well developed ops and management business plan sections prove to lenders and funders that every aspect of the business has been thoroughly developed.

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