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Nursery Business Plan

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Writing the nursery business plan is a first step towards seeing a business idea become a business reality. Many entrepreneurs are interested in growing and selling a variety of plants for commercial and residential use. The nursery industry includes sellers who retail directly to business and consumers, and wholesalers who sell primarily to garden shops, home improvement stores, developers, and through government contracts. With the growing interest in developing green space and healthy environments, the nursery industry is growing and that is good news for the entrepreneur interested in starting and growing a nursery business.

Our approach to the Nursery Business Plan

The nursery business plan is written to provide a path for success. The business owner should have in-depth knowledge of plants and plants culture and can choose to start a new business or purchase an existing one. The well-organized business plan is needed to successfully attract private-money lenders, government program funding, and bank or financial institution lenders. Writing a business plan helps the entrepreneur think through the specific details of operating a nursery business and will include information on:

  • Whether the nursery will be a landscape nursery, wholesale nursery, retail nursery, or any combination of these three operations

  • The type of nursery stock, i.e. rooted cuttings, container grown, seedlings, field grown ornamentals, etc.

  • The suburban, urban, or rural location of the business and any required acreage for growing and/or selling plants and trees; location factors include distance to market, availability of transportation for shipping large orders, competition, etc.

  • Land characteristics (if applicable to business), showing in-depth analysis of its history of use, current condition, type of soil, environmental status (contaminant presence), and infrastructure

  • The market analysis and the market need for certain types of plants and trees, using local and national industry association statistics and information

  • Nursery design to accommodate business activities like propagation, storage, potting, and office and retail space

  • Labor requirements for the nursery operation and landscaping services, addressing seasonal issues

  • Initial investment requirements for land, equipment, labor, buildings, and inventory, and five-year operating plan; include expenses for taxes, licenses, land lease or mortgage payments, insurance, etc.

A startup nursery business usually does not become profitable for several years given the heavy investment in land and equipment that is required. For this reason, it is usually easier to find investors for an established nursery business with a financial track record. However, the entrepreneur should take the route that best fits personal circumstances. Successful nursery owners are as knowledgeable about business management, as they are about plant production.

OGS Capital is experienced in the development of nursery business plans. Consultants can help entrepreneurs write a fully-developed plan able to attract investors. The first step is contacting us by completing the online form.

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