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    A good public speaker is worth his or her weight in gold because the ultimate goal of every speaker is to motivate the audience. It may be to motivate people to learn more about a topic, inspire the audience to reach personal or business goals, generate sales, and so on. Success becomes a natural business builder through word-of-mouth, media recognition, referrals, and so on. However, business growth is almost assured with the development of a comprehensive marketing plan that builds recognition of the entrepreneur’s expertise area.

    Public speakers are a type of consultant because they advise and inform an audience on topics like time management, finance, entrepreneurship, personal motivation, religion, industry-specific topics, and so on. The first step in business development is narrowing the scope of the presentations to fit the entrepreneur’s education, experience, and interests. That will define the target market, whether it is business, industry groups, churches, universities, conventions, and so on. Though most public speakers begin as sole proprietors, there are plenty of opportunities to grow a business by bringing additional speakers into the enterprise who deliver content as directed.

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    The public speaking business plan can include:

    • The business mission which addresses the ultimate goal of delivering the speech material, i.e. instructional, motivational, informative, etc.
    • Speaker’s education, training, work experience, and expertise that qualifies the person to become a presenter
    • Market analysis, identifying the target market for speaking engagements; the market can be local, regional, national, or global
    • Networking plan for making contacts and building a referral system, i.e. attending conferences and conventions, developing social media presence, approaching various organizations like trade and professional groups or businesses, etc.
    • Marketing plan which can include press releases, brochures, website promotion, cards, face-to-face sales calls, and follow-up with attendees at events
    • Online and offline advertising plan to gain brand recognition as an expert speaker
    • Prepared financial statements, indicating revenue sources, travel expenses, marketing expenses, office expenses, membership fees, and so on

    Professional speakers can help other businesses and organizations attract their own customers and interest groups also. Becoming an expert in a particular field will lead to engagements where the customer is using the expertise as a magnet for new contacts. The most important strategy for growing the business is ensuring there is public recognition for speaking engagements and successes.

    OGS Capital ( consultants brings a wealth of experience to business plan development for a public speaking business. The cross-industry experience can lead to new ideas and approaches that can help the entrepreneur achieve success.

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