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Marketing planning

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marketing planning

Effective marketing plan it is flexible plan. It includes not only the linear model of the company, but also a set of alternative scenarios.
This marketing planning based on a detailed analysis of reality and a vision of alternatives and it used in many companies.

This is some services in marketing planning include:

1. Proposals of activating product sales
2. Suggestions on the orientation of the enterprise to the consumer
3. Price determination proposals
4. Proposals on the range of products
5. Proposals for organizing advertising and PR-campaign
Before marketing planning you must apply proven research tools, such as SWOT-analysis and the BCG-matrix. These tools can help you to make a picture of the competitive environment, finding the optimal path of development for your company and may be in the future create a strong brand.
All-Russian study of marketing activity clearly showed that the owners of the marketing plan feels confident in the market and have higher economic performance than their competitors. Another important result of the study – statistical evaluation of the effectiveness of flexible marketing planning it is the key findings of marketing activity.
A flexible marketing plan it is a tool for implementing new business opportunities, so his owners are always ahead of their competitors and are more likely to become market leaders. By developing a marketing plan lays the groundwork for their leadership.

There are a number of different approaches of planning. In traditional scheduling plans are generally classified depending on what time period they are calculated, for example:

• Long-term plans
• Medium-term plans
• Short-term plans
Universal definition of planning periods do not exist. Long- and medium-term plans are often called “strategic” and shot-term are often called “corporate” or “business plans”. Using of any plan depends on what sort of company is, which markets it serves and how it should be planning for production in the future.
Long-term planning aimed at assessing the general economic and business trends for several years. It is important for companies in industries such as defense, aerospace and pharmaceuticals, in which development dates of new products are 5-10 years.
Medium-term planning is more practical and covers a period of not more than 2-5 years, usually of 3 years.
Short-term planning and budgeting usually covers the period up to one year and involves the development of “corporate” or “business” companies plans.


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