Directors and senior managers of the company set it goals. Objectives are usually expressed in financial terms and determine what the company will be a some time later. The objectives of the firm typically include indicators such as sales, profit before taxes, return on equity and etc.

You must first gather information on current operations, so make an analysis of economic activity (audit) to develop a feasible business plan

So marketing plan establishes a market goals of the company and suggests methods of implementation. It doesn’t include all of the goals and methods of the company. Besides marketing there are manufacturing, financial and human resources objectives. Neither of them can be seen in isolation.
Full corporate or business plan includes a number of support plans. All individual plans must be integrated and coordinated into a single corporate plan. In the base of the corporate plan lies the procedure for accepting orders and service marketing budget (part of the marketing plan). None of the plans can be done without an analysis and consideration of this information. On its basis is determined by sales volume for the production plan, on which based the plan for procurement, inventory levels are determined and their turnover rates, which in turn affect the procedure of billing invoices, cash flow and consolidation of commercial loans in financial terms. You should also pay due diligence to the process of pricing, which has an impact on financial plan. The introduction of new products largely determine the production plan and financing of strategic stocks.
The marketing plan is like a map: it shows where the company is moving and how it’s going to get there. It is also a plan of action and a written document. The marketing plan identifies promising business opportunities for companies and outlines ways to penetrate, capture and hold positions in certain markets. It connects all elements of marketing in an agreed action plan, where you can see who, what, when, where and how to do to achieve the goals.
Authors attention of marketing plans focused on theoretical issues. Perhaps this approach is interesting for scientists and managers, managing the process of the company as a whole, but it’s too complicated for ordinary commercial directors.