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Investor Ready Business Plan

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What makes an investor ready business plan? To answer the question, it is necessary to think about the entire process of starting a business and not just the actual point it opens and begins operating. Long before the business plan is implemented it must be prepared and presented to investors. The investor ready business plan is one that ensures all data is synchronized throughout the entire business plan and preps the entrepreneur for typical investor questions. In other words, it sees the business through the eyes of potential investors.

It is easy for entrepreneurs to get too enamored with their business concepts and lose perspective.

They are so convinced their great business ideas are going to be successful that they lose sight of the fact investors must also be convinced before they are willing to risk capital. The investor ready business plan:

  • Anticipates and answers concerns about revenue growth and the ability to reach profitability within a reasonable time period

  • Describes the entrepreneur’s expertise and the competence of any staff involved in the startup

  • Explains the business objectives and goals with great clarity

  • Articulates market and customer needs and the specific way the new business or project will meet those needs

  • Details marketing strategies and supports them with hard data and extensive research

  • Presents complex information in a way that investors, not familiar with the industry, products or systems, are able to understand

  • Includes detailed analysis of target markets, product and service designs, potential market volatility, plans for business sustainability, and so on

The investor ready business plan does more than present the crucial information that lenders or funders are likely to expect. It introduces the information in a way that enables the investor to more easily analyze the investment opportunity. It is a hard-hitting business plan that details the use of capital for strategic growth.

One of the mistakes business plans commonly make is not explaining the business in a way that others can understand. This is particularly true for complex businesses like those which are technology-based or deal with scientific principles. However, conventional lenders, venture capitalists or any other types of investor are not going to invest in any business where it appears the business owner has not thought through the business details and cannot transmit the information in an understandable manner. Each section of the business plan must be hard hitting and precise, from the Executive Summary to the Financial Details.

To get assistance with developing an investor ready business plan, business owners should first complete the short contact form. A consultation with an OGS Capital professional is the beginning step towards giving a new business or project an excellent chance for success.
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