The idea of beginning a home care business varies hugely from actually taking steps to get an agency started and working. Without a business plan, you have no target for your business. Without a target – where do you expect to hit?  Your business plan should be adequately detailed to allow you and any other readers understand that you have clearly thought through your business idea.

Key Sections of a Home Care Agency Business Plan

Executive Summary

An executive summary is reasonably the most important part of a business plan. When presented to them, venture capitalists and lenders hardly read the entire business plan. They will read the executive summary and only if it captures their interest, they will proceed to read the following sections. Hence, our primary goal in writing your executive summary is to lure the reader to go through the entire family day care business plan. This section should summarize the highlights of your plan, should be succinct, and although it appears first it is easier when written last.

This section will cover among others;

  • A description of your homecare business
  • Why you feel that your homecare business will be successful
  • Key strengths of your homecare business

Business Description

This section describes the what, who, how, where, and when of your homecare business. It will provide a complete overview of your homecare business concept/idea. Unlike the executive summary, it broadly details your business. It should also challenge you to sincerely think about how you want to see people describe your homecare business. The key point here is uniqueness from your competition.

Industry Analysis

Our market research can go a long way in informing you about the home care industry. Are there notable trends in your geographic area? You will need to understand your target market comprehensively; their income, lifestyles, habits, education, and much more. The more details you have, the better your chances of success in your home care business. The market research is critical in finding and defining your particular niche in the area where you locate your homecare business.


We know that your home daycare business plan should prepare your business for the competition. Who are the competitors for your homecare agency? When you already know your niche and target market, you will need to have a clear picture of your competition, by location, name, their services, market share, and how they are different from you. Even if you think you do not have direct competitors, consider private caregivers, and inexpensive care homes. There will always be competition, and you will need to set yourself apart and up your game to realize success for your homecare business.

Financial Model

Your non-medical home care business plan must include your financial projections and details. Your cash flow, balance sheet, and income statements must be shown clearly as well as the start-up costs. This section is very critical because it shows whether your business will give a return on investment or not. Justify all assumptions and calculations made here. Without a financial plan, your home care business will fail quickly. Unless you manage the limited funds well, they will be finished faster than you think and your business will not have made enough money to be self-sustaining/profitable.

At OGS Capital, we know that one of the challenging steps in starting a home health care business is how to launch the business cost effectively and quickly, to develop a home healthcare business plan, and to develop the necessary home health care manuals, forms, and documents that will allow you to run your business efficiently and professionally.

When you are ready to start your home care business, it is vital to start with a business plan. The sure and easy way of doing this is hiring a care home business plan expert who will listen to you, guide you, organize and document your business idea in a professional way.

You can also visit our website and go through our comprehensive health care business plan samples. If you want to avoid mistakes and get started quickly while starting your non medical home care business, then you will benefit from our non medical home care business plan template which is easily customizable to meet your needs.

The home care business continues to grow. This is largely so because of the aging population and the need for many older adults to be cared for in their homes. With proper planning and with the help of a reliable partner like us the business can be a rewarding venture that supports not only your personal mission but also one that brings a smile on your clients’ faces.

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If you are considering starting your home care business, we have the experience and expertise to create a business plan that will suit you. Talk to us today by filling in the contact us form. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.