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    There are plenty of options when it comes to setting up your own business, including a startup from scratch, a franchise, or a hybrid model like Ignite. As the energy industry continues to deregulate, entrepreneurs are discovering a wealth of opportunities like Ignite, which is best described as the marketing arm for Stream Energy. Joining the business as an affiliate or independent associate enables independent business owners to develop an income stream that comes from direct selling energy and from income generated by personal associates recruited by the business owner.

    Entrepreneurs need to carefully consider the approach that will be taken to build a steady flow of qualified contacts:

    • Identify the  targeted market, including the eligible deregulated states and the niche      market
    • Demonstrate full understanding of the compensation plan and set goals
    • Establish specific goals for number of leads contacted each week, enrollments, number of personal associates recruited, income, etc.
    • Develop a marketing plan for direct selling Stream Energy products, indicating how the business will attract new customers more used to buying energy in a regulated marketplace
    • Develop a marketing plan for generating client leads, including online and offline strategies
    • Develop a market plan for attracting personal associates to the business network
    • Develop an organizational plan for consistently setting up appointments and following up with contacts
    • Create an advancement plan to succeed within the Ignite organization

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    The emphasis on marketing reflects the fact that an Ignite business is a network marketing enterprise. Business planning needs to focus on creating a steady source of leads and a successful approach for closing sales. Without the leads, the business will flounder. Typical strategies include YouTube video marketing, individual and group presentations at designated locations, home meetings, website marketing, DVD marketing, and so on. Ignite has a Power Center where affiliates can access marketing strategies and tools to assist with enrolling outside customers.

    One of the most important advantages of developing an Ignite business plan is that it helps the entrepreneur focus on the elements needed to succeed. These elements include developing a successful business presentation for selling to consumers and designing a separate presentation to recruit personal associates. Building a strong and sustainable business in network marketing also requires focusing on the same business components that any other business needs to succeed. They include developing a concise business description, developing operating strategies, creating proforma financial statements, and short and long-term setting goals.

    OGS Capital has a high level of expertise in developing quality business plans across a variety of industries, including network marketing. Submitting the online contact information form is all it takes to start down the road to success.

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