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    A developing business plan is one in which the entrepreneur is in the pre-writing stage. Though some people try to create a business plan without preparation, they quickly find that lack of planning and thought makes the process much more difficult. Any business owner that has not sat down and thought through the business from startup to at least the fifth year of operation is ill-prepared to start writing. The business plan is a roadmap for success, but even roadmaps are not published until someone has mapped out the terrain.

    Advices to developing business plan

    Developing a business plan requires first:

    • Identifying business goals associated with the products and services to be offered for sale in the marketplace
    • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the business owner for the purpose of designing strategies that capitalize on strengths and overcome weaknesses, i.e. identifying needed talent or materials critical to success
    • Going through each section of a business plan and identifying the type of information and data needed
    • Doing industry and market research to pinpoint needs that support the new business venture or business expansion
    • Collecting appropriate documentation including research reports, product designs, patent and trademark applications, marketing materials, and so on
    • Outlining the elements of a business plan, including the Company Description, Management, Products and Services Description, Operations, Marketing, Financials, and Funding Request
    • Describing the priorities and the strategies to bring those priorities to fulfillment
    • Explaining how the products and services will outperform competitors

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    One thing should be clear – the developing business plan requires a lot of pre-planning and documentation. It is an important business document that is used to attract the capital needed for startup and early operating expenses, and the poorly conceived plan can derail efforts. The process of developing a business plan actually provides guidance as to whether or not the entrepreneur should pursue the business. It defines the uniqueness of the enterprise and creates a blueprint for business design.

    A lot depends on the quality of the market research in terms of customer needs, how well the new business meets those needs, and competitive pressures. The financial projections are also critical because they show when profitability is expected and when investors can expect to see a Return on Investment (ROI).  Developing business plans requires addressing the details that can bring a business to life and gives it relevance.

    OGS Capital works with entrepreneurs ready to develop professional documents critical to operating success and able to interest institutional and private investors. Consultants help business owners through the process of developing the business plan so that the final product achieves the ultimate desired results.
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