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    Whether selling computers units, parts, or repairs, one thing is for certain – it will be a successful business with good planning. According to the Pew Research Center, over 84 percent of U.S. households own a computer with an internet connection, and eventually they will all need new equipment, software, or repairs. That is the purpose of the computer store business plan. Working through the various sections like marketing, operations, and financial projections will help the entrepreneur address the many aspects of starting and operating a sustainable business.

    Per the Small Business Administration, over half of the small businesses in the country will cease operations within the first five years. Reasons include poor location, lack of capital, competition, and many others. An insightful computer store business plan
    will address all of the critical success factors that influence the likelihood of the computer business succeeding or failing.

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    A computer business can take many different forms. Some are strictly local brick-and-mortar stores with online marketing websites, while others sell products and services online only, or online and offline. However, no matter what business model is chosen, virtual or storefront, there are some critical factors to consider:

    • Type of products and services sold, designating the equipment and/or software brands sold and/or serviced, product and service bundling, etc.
    • Tech industry trends the business will capitalize on
    • Identification of competitors and how the business will differentiate itself
    • Market analysis and segmentation, based on whether business will sell to consumers, businesses, or both
    • Competitive pricing schedule
    • Experience and qualifications of the management team
    • Personnel requirements, including development, technical, and sales staff
    • Marketing plan, addressing online and offline strategies

    Success Factors Of Computer Store Business Plan

    The tech industry experiences fast-paced change on an ongoing basis. A computer store business plan needs to include information as to how the business will stay ahead of industry trends, and how it will project and meet demand for new products and services. This is information potential investors and financial institutions will consider when deciding whether the business is likely to stay in business and grow over time.

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