Business Plan for House scrubbing utility

Creating a business plan for a house scrubbing utility begins with the development of the mission statement and a description of the company. Like any business, cleaning amenities may target a specific market segment, like upper-class families, working parents, or specific neighborhoods. The type of services and pricing are then aligned to meet the needs of the target market.

For example, the cleaning service might offer annual “spring cleaning” packages to current customers at a reduced price, offer high-priced deep-cleaning packages to upscale customers, or specialize in after-party or smoke damage cleanup. A unique brand can be developed in a number of ways, like using only environmentally sound products or always delivering timely service.

The cleaning facility logo and uniform designs will contribute to the company’s image of professionalism and efficiency. In the plan for a house scrubbing utility, the business owner needs to document that all essential requirements for a business are met

  • Business startup model, i.e. buy franchise or existing business or begin a new business
  • Utilities provided including cleaning, vacuuming, window-washing, pet care, plant care, seasonal scrubbing, and so on
  • Equipment needed to fulfill services obligations (vacuums, carpet shampooers, service vans, etc.)
  • Rates, i.e. hourly, half-day, service-specific, weekly, per square foot, etc. • Payment terms
  • Sources for supplies, and especially if the cleaning utility offers special amenities like the use of allergen-free cleaners
  • Personnel plan that includes number of cleaners at startup and plans for growth during the first five years of operation
  • Services delivery figures, such as the average time each house will take to clean based on square footage or number of rooms, and the targeted number of scrubbings to be performed each week
  • Appointment scheduling and tracking system and order tracking system
  • Marketing strategies for attracting new customers, like a membership plan offering special rates for long-term commitments, magnetic vehicle signs, introductory discount packages, web based and conventional advertising, word-of-mouth referral system, etc.
  • Industry and area statistics
  • Competitive advantages Building a good reputation and hiring trustworthy staff are two of the most important characteristics the business can possess.

For this reason, the plan will include strategies for accomplishing both goals. Collecting good reviews, doing staff background checks, and ensuring bonding and insurance are in place, are just three steps that are taken to prove professionalism.

The plan for a house scrubbing utility must also include five-year proforma statements with realistic projections. OGS Capital has many years of experience developing business plans for cleaning and can help entrepreneurs find investors or lenders interested in funding a startup or franchise.

The success of the business will depend on the entrepreneur’s understanding of the marketplace and how to develop a pricing system able to accommodate houses of different sizes and configurations. Completing the online form is all it takes to contact experienced consultants in business plan development.

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