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    There are many opportunities for new ventures interested in selling services and products to other new or established businesses. Ideas can range from IT consulting to selling office supplies, so each business plan is unique in terms of goals and objectives, information included, and presentation or format. The final document is used as a roadmap for success and as support for a loan application or to invite investors to provide funding. The process starts by doing critical research on the industry, primary competitors, competitive threats, and sales and marketing strategies suitable for the target market. It is the research that will drive the business planning by answering questions like the following:

    • What is the business case for the startup, increase in capacity, or expansion into new products or services?
    • What type of business model is more likely to be successful in the industry?
    • Does your business have a B2B strategy to create a competitive advantage?
    • Is the market growing and what is a reasonable share of the market to capture? How will the business position itself in the market?
    • How is the revenue model structured? Will sales be recurring or one-time? If recurring, what customer retention strategies were developed?
    • What is the product or services value proposition for the marketplace?
    • How will the business market itself to the identified customers?
    • Are business customers already identified or committed to the new business? What marketing plan was developed to build new business client relationships? How will the business cover expenses until business clients are developed and revenue is generated?
    • What are the capital start-up and operating cash requirements?

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    Investors prefer to invest in businesses that carve out a new market segment where competition is limited. They want a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) and within a reasonable time period. For this reason, two key business planning sections are Management and Marketing. Management qualifications, education, and experience relevant to the business startup should give investors some level of assurance that the management team fully understands the risks and opportunities the business will face. The Marketing section will include strategies for brand development and 3-5 year strategic plans for attracting business customers. There is a lot of business planning that takes place before and during the development of the business plan. The thoroughness of that planning matters in terms of the likelihood of long-term success.

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    OGS Capital consultants assist business owners and managers with B2B business plan development, offering varying degrees of services based on need. Some people need guidance throughout the entire development process, while others are more interested in an outside review. OGS Capital is easy to reach by completing the online contact form and consultants are happy to discuss unique business requirements.
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