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    Strategy ( “the skill of the general officer” from Greek) is the optimal way to the aim.

    The development of business strategy lays in the basis of every business. This strategy should be adapted to the specificity of the company and to its realization.

    Business strategy of the company is the complex plan of management which should strengthen position of the company in the market and should provide the coordination of the efforts, attraction and satisfaction of consumers, successful competition and achievement of the global aims. The process working of the strategy is based on the careful study of all possible directions of development and activity. It consist in the choosing of the total direction, open up markets, served demands, methods of competition, attracted resources and models of business. That is to say strategy means the choice of the ways of development, markets, methods of competition and business dealing by the companies.

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    Strategic vision of the company determines the future image of the company and company’s mission describes the activity of the company today: what goods and services it produces, what clients it has, what technological and business potential it has. Most of the companies include their mission in their annual reviews and represent it on their Web-sites. Mission says nothing about direction of the company’s development, future activity and business plans. Therefore strategic vision reflects the future of the company, and mission reflects its present.

    The development, introduction and realization of the business strategy are the management tasks of high priority. Strategy creates the orienting points of productivity, idea of  competitive advantages, plan of actions in order to satisfy buyers and to achieve the high productivity. The activity of the company lose its significance without carefully developed and stated business strategy. In that case  company lose its competitive ability, the internal depression develops and results become worth. Besides the actions of different divisions of the enterprise should be coordinated and should be as integrated whole.  If there is no business strategy then management can’t develop and state business model which can provide profit.

    Very often management and marketing specialists who try to build business strategy for their companies come across show stopper. This is because of multiplicity of accesses and points of view on that question.