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Video Game Company Business Plan

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Video Games

The video game industry is not child’s play, to borrow the vernacular for a moment. It is a $21 billion business in the United States and is worth billions more as a global industry. Though people tend to think of video games as products produced mostly for children, the truth is that the majority of video games are developed as adult products. The Entertainment Software Association data indicates that approximately 81 percent of people who are aged 18 to 29 years old play video games. Surprisingly, 23 percent of seniors, people over the age of 65, are playing games also. Americans are playing games on video consoles, personal computers and laptops, and smartphones.

How to prepare business plan for the video game company

The numbers add up to unlimited potential to develop new and popular games or to become a video game reseller. The former is a software development business or technology company, while the later is a retailer. Either way, the business plan for the video game company is a tool for documenting the path to taking a share of the gaming market and for supporting requests for funding. It identifies:

• The business model for selling game software or DVDs, i.e. downloadable software or storefront sales/rentals; mobile gaming business; distributor, etc.
• The products for sale, i.e. uniquely created by one or more software developers or designed by other companies and sold/rented as a reseller/distributor
• The business location which may be strictly online, in a brick-and-mortar building, or a combination of both
• The competition which can be another franchise, other resellers, a local game store, major software design companies, and so on
• Production resources that ensure market demand can be met
Startup capital needed for software development costs, setting up the retail store, personnel costs, equipment, and other expenses
• Experience of management and the programmers and the unique characteristics of the products, i.e. new concept, technologies, features, etc.
• Careful financial planning

The business for a video game company needs to be realistic. Thousands of games are developed each year that never manage to penetrate the market because there was lack of funding available for critical things like production costs, inventory, and marketing. Writing a business plan for a media venture requires addressing the specifics of the business to ensure that the plans are reasonable and executable.

The fascination with technology and the ability to design games at home makes it tempting to skip steps that are critical to new business development. Know the market, the competition, pricing, and industry trends. The quality of the business planning is a major factor as to whether investors are willing to provide startup capital.

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