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Not all business plan consultants are equal. Though some businesses claim to offer expert services, clients may discover the businesses are exaggerating the experience and competencies of their consultants. They tend to push out business plans that are skeleton documents that are not fully developed enough to support loan or funding requests. Quality business plan consultants offer full value that goes beyond simply writing a business plan. Companies with expertise have consultants who can do in-depth industry and market research, access industry reports, and even uncover opportunities the entrepreneur may not have discovered. It is critical to find the right business plan consultants, able to develop business plans that serve multiple purposes like the following.

• Attract new funding to bring business to life
• Clearly defines new products and services as market solutions
• Describe marketing strategies in-depth
• Focus the business on achieving goals
• Reflect in-depth understanding of industry and markets
• Present pro-forma financial statements supported by the facts and reflecting financial research
• Ensure professional business plan appearance
• Identify rewards and risks of the business
• Present complex information in an understandable manner for typical readers
• Ensure all required sections are fully developed

Whether business owners are planning on hiring business plan consultants or want to start a business offering consulting services, it is the business plan itself that puts the mission, business purpose and goals, operating guidelines, and financial planning in writing. The business plan serves as a guideline for success and forces entrepreneurs to plan ahead. However, before the document is even produced, expert consultants can offer honest feedback on planned strategies, identify potential problems for funders, assist entrepreneurs with developing a fresh perspective, offer new ideas, and offer one-on-one consulting as needed.

Too many business owners discover too late that their self-developed business plan is more of a hindrance than a help. There is both art and science to business plan development and presentation, and that is precisely why there are consultants. Successful consultants are good communicators, organized, and have a range of experience in working with a variety of businesses and in numerous industries.


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