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    Writing a business plan is frequently a complex process because there are so many unique aspects to each type of startup or new project. For example, a business plan for a software company will be quite different from one written for a restaurant. For this reason, business owners and entrepreneurs often decide they need business plan assistance to ensure the final roadmap for success is as strong as possible and attractive to the desired investors. Though every business plan needs to include in-depth explanations of its mission and goals and thorough operating and financial plans, it is important to ensure the descriptions are specific to the enterprise and incorporates information the venture capitalist or conventional lender, for example, would typically require.

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    Getting expert business plan assistance is important because it ensures the plan is well developed. The type of assistance includes writing a:

    • Concise Executive Summary that clearly highlights business strengths and includes appropriate information based on whether a company is a startup or existing business
    • Company Description that differentiates the business from the competition
    • Market Analysis that demonstrates a knowledge of the industry and market
    • Management section that effectively lays out the business structure, provides detailed management demographics and describes management’s unique qualifications
    • Product or Service section that connects the business offerings directly to market need
    • Marketing and Sales section that includes information like market penetration strategy, a growth strategy, distribution strategy and sales strategy
    • Financial section that proves the ability to efficiently and effectively allocate resources and presents financial statements and financial analysis in an easily readable format

    An important section is the Funding Request because it lets potential investors know exactly what is required now and what is required over the next five years. Consultants providing business plan assistance can help entrepreneurs prepare a request that makes clear the type of funding desired – equity funding, bank loan, angel investor or venture capital. Professional assistance can help a business plan stand out among a crowd of plans through clarity, preciseness and uniqueness. The plan needs to leave no doubt as to the market targeted, the brand and the success qualities of the specific business, whether a restaurant, clothing retailer, office supply company, social media business or any of the other.

    OGS Capital can provide the exact kind of business plan assistance needed to craft a quality document that attracts preferred investors. Completing the easy contact form will put entrepreneurs in contact with consultants who understand the importance of doing the job right.