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    Creative businesses must plan ahead every bit as much as traditional companies. Businesses selling art, handcrafted products, hand-sewn fashions, graphic design services, website designing, and others like them are considered creative because products and services rely on original designs and unique artistic and innovative entrepreneurial talent. The business presentation must reflect that creativity to capture reader attention and create the right impression. Investors may not be looking for an inventive or creative business plan for a financial services company or a heating/air conditioning business, but will look for a “wow” factor for a business presentation that first brings to life a creative passion or talent.

    Every startup needs a viable plan for startup and growth. All entrepreneurs should go through the steps involved in writing a mission statement, identifying goals and objectives, developing a business operational plan, building a management team, preparing a five-year plan for financial viability, identifying staffing needs, and identifying capital and cash requirements. However, building a brand begins with the first business concept and everything that follows needs to support the image of the brand.

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    All marketing must shout that this is no ordinary business.

    • Add interesting graphics that reflect the preferred brand image, whether light-hearted, elegant, unique, artistic, etc.
    • Include supplementing materials that give investors a true feel for the originality of the business, like a folio filled with a variety of sample works
    • Use a creative layout in the document to avoid a manicured appearance
    • Avoid fluff but use language that is inventive, while still getting to the point quickly so potential investors remain interested
    • Use unique and colorful visuals in the presentation to bring the business to life and break up any possibility of monotony
    • Write interesting text that presents critical information about products, operations, and marketing
    • Consider how the entrepreneur’s passion for the business can be infused throughout the presentation
    • Approach each element, whether writing the mission statement or preparing financials, with a new perspective

    The aspirations of the entrepreneur must come to life in the presentation of what will make the business special and competitively unique. Many of the elements of a creative business plan can be used in presentations for more traditional enterprises also. Each business startup or expansion is the result of someone’s vision for future success, and it is important to ensure that everything showcasing the vision supports the brand image.

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