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Bowling Alley Business Plan

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Starting a bowling alley is an expensive proposition because it requires a building, special pin-setting equipment, supplies, and staff. There are also many other related expenses like business licenses, food services, and an audio system. The bowling alley business plan needs to carefully lay out the plan for developing a successful business based on marketing research and business differentiation. One of the nice features of modern bowling alleys is that business owners can develop a theme to appeal to a particular market. For example, a bowling alley targeted to children, teenagers, and families could add an ice cream bar and offer birthday and holiday party rooms for rent. The location might be in a suburban strip mall. A bowling alley designed to attract a young adult group may have a lounge that serves alcoholic drinks and even have live entertainment on some nights. It may be located closer to a downtown entertainment district. These are two very different bowling alleys with varying needs in terms of space, services, and staffing.

The bowling alley business plan carefully lays out the startup plans or plans for purchasing an existing business.

  • Include a market analysis that defines the customer demographics

  • Describe the additional amenities offered in the bowling alley, including food service, party services, alley rentals, pool tables, and so on

  • Describe the bowling alley theme and how it appeals to the target market

  • Present the business in a way that attracts investors by including details that show thorough planning, i.e. number of lanes, floor plan layout, atmosphere, etc.

  • Selected location and why it was chosen; indicate the monthly mortgage or rent payment

  • Explain the revenue sources including lane and shoe rentals, concession sales, restaurant revenues, room rentals, arcade revenues, and so on

  • Outline the staffing plan and explain the type of experienced staff needed, including positions like bowling alley manager, food manager, bartender, cooks, service desk personnel, and so on

  • Develop a marketing plan to promote the bowling alley


Requirements to Bowling Alley Business Plan

There are so many bowling alleys in business already that any new enterprises must make it clear that the proposed business meets unfilled needs of a particular market. Bringing an old-fashioned bowling alley into the twenty-first century requires some creativity and innovation, and the ideas need to be clearly presented to investors. There are high capital costs required to buy a building and install equipment, or to remodel an existing business, and to cover startup operating expenses. The bowling alley business plan must present a solid strategy that is based on extensive feasibility studies and market studies. The in-depth market and financial research will attract the investors desired.

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