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Blog Business Plan

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A common mistake bloggers make is creating a blog without any kind of planning as to content or goals. The blogger may have picked a theme and have a general idea of what the blog should accomplish, but lack of planning can lead to a blog without clear direction. That kind of approach usually leads to an abandoned blog or one that does not attract site visitors. A blog is a business strategy, and as such it needs a blog business plan to ensure the blog owner’s ultimate goals are achieved. Common goals are to build a brand, promote a business, exercise thought leadership, and generate revenue. As a marketing initiative, the blog needs a mission statement, goals and objectives, and strategies for success. A business plan for a blog presents methods for revenue generation, content creation plans, and the business the blog supports. In the business plan is found a description of:

• Purpose of the blog, whether it is to attract customers to a business, connect with existing customers, provide consulting services, build customer loyalty, or become a thought leader in the marketplace
• Description of typical content to be created by the blog owner and guest posters, and the blog posting schedule
• Blog site domain and hosting
• Blog site design and coding
• Staffing requirements, including writers and editor
• Revenue sources, like linking to the main business website where products and services are sold, affiliate marketing, selling services, advertising revenues, subscriptions, and so on
• Business goals for blog statistics like number of subscribers, click-throughs to main business website, monthly traffic, etc.
• Financial plan including five-year proforma revenue and expense statements and breakeven analysis
Marketing plan for blog site online and offline promotion


Purposes of the blog business plan

The blog should be attractively designed and attention-getting so that site visitors stay to read the content. Haphazard approaches to blog development and marketing often leads to frustration when it fails to attract site visitors. It is an internet business in every sense and deserves the same treatment as any other business. The business plan for a blog forces the blog owner to think about the specific goals the entrepreneur wants to achieve and that drives everything from content to choice of advertisers. On a crowded internet it takes carefully planned marketing strategies to drive traffic to the blog, and includes link campaigns, guest blogging, and online and offline advertising. The blog business plan can be used to support requests for funding from angel investors or crowdfunders or for bank loans, so that the blog can be developed the right way.

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