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Bar Business Plan

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Bar Business Plan



Frequently asked questions of the bar business

Executive summary

Company description

Market analysis


Organizational overview

Financial plan

How to order writing business plan bar




Opening a bar requires significant planning because of government regulations and therefore making a business plan for a bar is very important.

There are many types of establishments serving liquor, including nightclubs, sports bars, pubs, taverns, music venues, microbreweries, contracted bars in hotels and restaurants, and others.

No business can serve alcohol without the appropriate license, so obtaining permission to open the business is one of the first steps. You can use the bar business plan to make a presentation to zoning boards, licensing agencies, potential partners, and potential financiers.


Frequently asked questions of the bar business

  • What is the business structure? Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc

  • Is there a specific theme and atmosphere for the bar? Both directly influence the clientele that are attracted to the business

  • Will you offer a limited range of drinks, such as craft beers or offer a full range of alcoholic drinks and food

  • What are your market demographics, including size, typical customers, area population growth, area characteristics, etc

  • Expected patron traffic during venues hours of the day

  • Have you carried out a competitive analysis of the targeted market area in the bar business model

  • Do amenities offered including food, entertainment, special events, promotions, and so on

  • The marketing plan to build a loyal, steady client base attracted to the atmosphere the bar offers, which could be romantic °Cheers pub-like”, secluded, relaxing, and so on

  • An operational plan that discusses liquor suppliers, vendor discounts, food suppliers, sources of entertainment, and so on


Executive summary

The executive summary gives a brief overview of the business proposal for a bar detailed in the other sections of the plan. It is easier to complete this section once the business plan is complete, using snippets of the detailed text to summarize.

This section must capture the readers imagination so they want to learn more about your proposal. There should be a brief description of each of the main sections highlighting the main points, giving just enough to keep their interest.

You should show your expertize and passion for running a bar, showing how and why your bar will be a success.


Company description

Anyone that reads this section is looking for the nuts and bolts that make your business work.

Who runs the business, what staff do you need and who manages what? This section should also describe the location of the bar, facilities such as a car park, how close is it to public transport?

It should convince potential investors reading your bar business plan that the key staff are in place and the location is suitable.


Market analysis

Knowing your industry and the local market is vital to the success of your bar business. Use this section to convince investors you know your industry and the specific segment inside out.

Describe what your bar will offer and how it fits into the current market. Provide industry analysis and forecasts for the bar you intend to operate.

The business plan for a bar should describe your ideal customer and target market here and why your bar will attract them. Customer personas can be described here that will later be used to target your marketing.

A SWOT analysis will be useful to identify any unique selling points of your bar business.



What products will your bar offer and how will they attract your target market? Many bars will use something specific about their business to differentiate them from the competition, such as the largest range of cocktails in the area.

Can you source your products locally? Some customer groups actively try to support local businesses selling locally produced goods.

How are the products you have different from all the competitors? Offering something different gives customers an incentive to visit your bar and check out your menu. Make it interesting!

OGS Consultants can provide an example of a business plan for a bar explaining how to make your product offering stand out. Last, consider how you will manage your inventory, maintaining stock levels and stock rotation.


Marketing strategy


What is your target market? Describe the demographics of your target market and how your products will attract them.

Is the bar opening going to be a spectacular affair with local influencers invited or a simple soft opening? How are you going to let your target market know you are open?

Once operating, your marketing plan should have two aims. Encourage regular customers to keep coming and attract new clients. Will you hold events such as karaoke or live music to promote the bar and attract customers?

How are you going to use social media, advertising and email to connect with your customers? Maybe you can offer happy hours or promotional nights with a particular brand of drink.

A bar business plan sample free from OGS Capital will help you plan your marketing effectively.


Organizational overview

The organization section of your bar business plan should specify the legal standing of your company, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or LLC.

Before deciding which form to take, consult an accountant and a legal expert to find the best entity for your particular business.

Will you need to employ staff to help run your bar? Will there be a management team or just yourself taking full control?

This section should also identify any technology that will help to run your bar efficiently, such a point of sale systems. Ideally, the POS will help with stock control, allow you to run bar tabs for customers and provide detailed reports on your sales.


Financial plan

Your business model for a bar must clearly set out the financial statement. How are you going to fund your business at start-up? Do you have cash available or are you looking for investment?

A projection of your income and expenses is valuable information but if you need investors, it is essential to explain how their funds will be used and when they will see a return.

Be realistic. Seasoned business investors will easily see through overly optimistic forecasts and quickly decide it’s a bad investment.

This section of your business plan should include standard accounting reports, such as the balance sheet, cash flow analysis and break-even analysis.

Be honest, using your experience of owning a bar, to show why your business will be successful and how long it will take.


How to order writing business plan bar

OGS Capital helps entrepreneurs across industries to develop their business plans that get your potential bar business started on the right path. Your business plan will also serve as a valuable fundraising document.

Consultants can provide the critical advice needed to develop a solid action plan and a business plan sample for a bar.

Contact OGS Capital simply by submitting basic information through the online form. It is as simple as that.


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