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    What business plan is necessary for? What is the aim of business planning? What should it foretell? – These questions are discussed in this article.


    No doubt that well-thought-out business plan should let on all difficult and complex questions of the project’s planning and it should not only calculate the finances of the enterprise in future but also it should foretell the future development if this or that project:

    –        how the production will development;

    –        how the goods or service will be realized;

    –        what this idea will bring in future;

    –        what steps the enterprise should undertake in favorable conditions (economic, political and viable) and in unforeseen circumstances.

    The experience shows that it is necessary to pay much attention to such section of business plan as the marketing analyses and its results. Usually enterprises undervalue this aspect of planning. But this is one of the most important and valuable moment here.

    Talking about that main directions of the business planning it can be said that business plan is the document of intraenterprise planning which enunciate all main aspects of planning of the industrial and commercial activity of the enterprise, also this document analyses problems enterprise can mee with in future and it determines the issues of financial and economic tasks.

    The aim of the business plan development is the planning of business activity of the enterprise in the nearby and far periods according to the requirements of the market and to the abilities of getting all necessary resources.

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    Business planning helps and allows solving the following problems:

    –        to define concrete directions of the enterprise’s activity, target markets and the place of the enterprise in these markets;

    –        to enunciate long term and short run goals of the enterprise, strategy and tactics of their achievement. To identify persons-in-charge for realization of this strategy;

    –        to select the structure and to define the readings of the goods and services? Which the enterprise will suggest to consumers. To estimate the industrial and sales expenses of their formation  and realization;

    –        to reveal the correspondence of available personnel of enterprise;

    –        to define the structure of marketing moves on the studying of the market, advert, sales stimulation, price determination, sales channels, etc.;

    –        to estimate the financial state of the enterprise and the correspondence of available financial and material resources to the abilities of the achievement of desired goals;

    –        to foresee the difficulties which can disturb to the practical accomplishment of the business plan.
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